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Example: 2 dogs, 1 girl Kurmit, 1 boy Snoop
What is your favorite color and why? *
What is your favorite food and why? *
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What does the word "challenging" mean to you? *
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What technology items do you use often? *
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Do you collect anything? If so, what? Why do you like to collect that, and why is it important to you? *
Who is your HERO and why? *
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Would you describle yourself as a student who... *
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Name something that truly scares you. Why does it scare you? *
What are the three things you love about yourself? Why do you love those things? *
Who was your favorite teacher before 5th grade and what did they do to be your favorite teacher? *
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What are you looking forward to the most about 5th grade and why? *
Is there anything positive you have heard about Mrs. Bachman as a teacher or as a person? *
As your teacher, what can I do to help you the most to encourage and support you as an individual? *
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