Student Vehicle Registration
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Parking at GHS is available for Juniors and Seniors only. Sophomores can not park on campus unless they won a spot through the GHS Chili Cookoff or GHS Alumni Association.

Due to various factors, there are no senior reserved parking spots at GHS this year.

***Please see a GHS campus supervisor or your administrator with any questions.****


I agree to the terms and responsibilities stated below in connection with obtaining authorization to use the school parking lot.

I understand that the parking lot is the property of Jefferson County Public Schools R-1.  I agree that the car driven by myself will not be used to transport or store illegal items on school property.  I agree that I will not use the school parking lot to violate a criminal code or school rule or board policy.

In exchange for the privilege of parking on school property, I give school officials and school security personnel consent to search my car and the car’s contents at any time when it is parked on school property.

I authorize school officials and school security personnel to seize any item that violates a criminal law or school rule or provides evidence of a criminal law or school rule violation.

I understand that violations of these rules and/or the rules and expectations listed below can lead to suspension or revocation of my parking privileges, fines, referral to law enforcement authorities and/or school disciplinary actions.


1. All vehicles driven to school must be registered with the school and the student parking permit must be displayed in a location clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle.
2. Speed limit on school grounds is 5 MPH.  The vehicle must be operated in a safe and legal manner at all times.
3. Obey all one way signs and stop signs.
4. The Golden Police Department will issue citations for any appropriate moving violations, and parking in handicapped or fire zone.
5. Operating a vehicle in a dangerous or reckless manner on school grounds or in the immediate neighborhood may lead to possible suspension and/or revocation of parking privileges.
6. Violations of rules and expectations may lead to fines, parking boot, or towing as well as law enforcement involvement and school disciplinary consequences.
7. In a car accident???  Tap someone’s bumper??? Back into a car???
          -Stop your vehicle and get out.  
          -Leaving the scene of an accident can result in hit and run charges.
          -Let security and/or administration know there was an accident.  
          -Exchange info. We can walk you through the process.

Failure to pay the fine may result in additional fines and loss of parking privileges at Golden High School.

No valid parking permit
Parked in a reserved space or staff lot
Improperly parked

Jefferson County Schools assume no responsibility for any damage to vehicles parked on school property or to the loss of any articles contained therein.

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