Wildcat Running Club
Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to another year of running club at Warder Elementary!

Running club is open to kids in grades 3-6. If younger siblings or other students would like to participate, a parent or guardian must be present. You will need to fill out this form for each child attending Warder Elementary. Siblings do not need to register and are eligible for all awards, along with any parent who participates. Please make sure you signup BEFORE attending the first session as we use cards to scan laps that need to be printed ahead of time.


1. Running Club starts at 7:30. Any participants MUST arrive by 7:40. If there are issues being consistently late, you may not be able to attend future running club days.

2. COMFORT - Having appropriate footwear and clothing is encouraged. Gym shoes are preferred as we will be moving a lot. We will be outside based on the guidelines for being outside for recess. As long as it's 25 degrees or higher and conditions are safe we will be outside. Please dress accordingly to stay warm as we will be meetups during cold months.

3. BREAKFAST - Any child who has parent permission will be dismissed to breakfast in the cafeteria at 7:50. Breakfast is not provided at running club.

4. AWARDS - Only 1 chain will be provided to students. Unfortunately replacements cannot be given.

- Every 5 miles (25 laps) a toe token will be earned and can be put onto a shoelace, necklace, or bracelet, etc.

- Month Awards for participation can be earned by each participant. You must attend 75% of the days each month to be eligible. I allow some missed days in case of sickness and involvement in other activities.

- End of year certificate - Must attend every month as of the time you register AND attend at least 50% of the

5. CANCELLATION - You will be notified by email, phone, or text no later than 6:45 am the day of Running Club if it needs to be cancelled for any reason. Please make sure you provide an accurate phone number and email address so you can receive these important messages.

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