Free Period Authorization Form

Dear Parent/Guardian:
At Conifer High School, we're proud of our tradition of preparing students for post-secondary options, including college. Whether or not a student is planning to attend college, high school is a good time to begin to take inventory of a student's aspirations, experiences, strengths, and weaknesses and start to figure out what sorts of things he/she might like doing when they're on their own. As they start to prepare for life after high school, they also start to develop their independence. We clearly understand our juniors and seniors have competing interests and time commitments. We also want to make sure our juniors and seniors serve as positive role models and avoid involvement in behaviors that have serious consequences that may include not walking with their class at graduation.
As a parent, you have the right to give your child off-period privileges. If you chose to exercise this right, it is important that you communicate with your child that they need to be in the Conifer High School Commons, Library, Learning Center, or off-campus during this time. Off-periods are a privilege and will be revoked if a student has failing grades.
Please complete the permission form below,

    Parent Permission

    I give permission for my son or daughter, a junior/senior, to have an off period in their schedule.
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    Student Agreement

    I accept the privilege of being allowed to have an off period in my schedule.
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