Salem Adult Citizen (SAC) Program Survey

In October, 2014, the Salem Adult Citizens Program (SAC) was awarded a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Aging. Funds from this grant were received during the winter of 2015. The funds allowed the Salem seniors to purchase a new handicapped van, new computers for the computer lab, as well as computers and printer /copier for the SAC office staff. Funds were also used to facilitate the hiring of a part-time evening and week-end program coordinator and a part-time social worker to fulfil the Senior Adult Life Extension (SALE) program described in the grant. At this time we are asking members of the congregation to provide their assessment of the programs which were funded from the grant. Please complete the following survey and place in the survey box located in the Canty Foyer.


1. Please indicate your age range. *
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Questions related to the Evening and Weekend Programs
3. Did you participate in any evening and weekend programs offered under the SALE program? *
4. If Yes, Please select activities that you participated in
5. Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the activities that you participated in
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