We Want You to Join Our JBF Tulsa 24-TEAM!
We have a small, elite team of moms that run the sale and we are looking for a few more. Usually someone who joins us wants to shop at the very first possible time so she can save the most money and get the best items! She is also a very hard worker and loves being on a team that builds each other up to make something overwhelming actually possible. Is that you?
Becoming a 24 hour volunteer is super easy and you get many perks including being the FIRST to shop early and earning an extra 10% on your sale items.
As our thank you and as a special treat for our Team Members, we invite you to a reception in your honor:
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We really need you! Couldn't do this without you!
Friday, Sept 7th starting at 5:00pm and we will shop early at 6pm and your immediate family may join you at 7pm.
Schedule requirements for our 24 Hour Team Leaders are ambitious. You would be required to volunteer 24 hours of time between Sept 2nd-Sept 15.
The following 3-shifts are REQUIRED as part of your schedule:
1) 4-6 hours Presale Day-the first Saturday before the sale begins
2) 4-6 hours Opening Day-Sunday the first day of the sale week
3) 4-6 hours of Breakdown-the last Saturday and Sunday of the sale week.
If you can get all of your time in on these 3 times, that is great, if you can't then you may add in a weekday shift to complete your 24 hours. So, if you are up to this challenge, go ahead and fill out the form and we will get with you soon! Or you can contact us at shelly@jbfsale.com.
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Have you volunteered at the Tulsa JBF Sale for at least two sales?
Would you be able to volunteer for at least 2 upcoming Tulsa JBF Sales in the future (next 2 years)?
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Did someone on our team refer you to this JBF Team opportunity? If so, please list the name here so we can thank them!
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