7th Annual Women's Jazz & Blues Camp March 19-23, 2018 Mon. - Fri., 9:30am-3pm Berkeley, CA
Dear Musicians,
We had another fabulously successful camp in 2017, and are looking forward to 2018. The exaxt dates are TBA, but it will probably be the last week in March. Registration will be open here in Fall of 2017.
Below is the 2017 form, so you can get an idea about the camp. i am happy to answer questions about camp at any time. just email me at womenscamp@cjc.edu

Cheers, Jean Fineberg, Director

email: WomensCamp@cjc.edu
phone: Please leave a message at 510.758.2200 and we will return your call.

DATES/TIMES: Monday-Friday, March19-23, 2018 from 9:30am to 3pm. Concert on Friday March _____ at 6pm
HALF DAY AND INDIVIDUALIZED SCHEDULES: We know that not everyone can reserve an entire week for camp. If you cannot attend the entire week, please talk to us about what works for you. We will try to arrange a customized camp schedule.

LOCATION: The Jazzschool, 2087 Addison St. (at Shattuck Ave.), Berkeley, CA 94704 510.845.5373

9:30 - 11:45 Warmup/Master Class (by instrument or voice)
Ensemble or Workshop 1
11:45-12:45 Break, Open Jam, Private Consultations
12:45-3:00 Ensemble or Workshop 2
Ensemble or Workshop 3

LUNCH: Bring your own, walk to one of many inexpensive eateries offering burgers, soup/salads, vegan, Italian, Indian or Mexican food, or buy lunch at the onsite Jazzcaffè.

DAILY OPEN JAM: There is a daily faculty-led open jam session during lunchtime, and everyone is encouraged to sit in.

PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS: Each musician will have a private lunchtime consultation/lesson with a faculty member once during the week.

FACULTY: All-women faculty from the Montclair Women's Big Band and the Bay Area's most respected women performers & educators.

Some need-based work/study financial aid and payment plans are available. For more information, please email us at WomensCamp@cjc.edu
Your camp spot is reserved as of your payment. Refunds: Your tuition includes a $100 non-refundable deposit. The balance will be refunded until February 21, 2016, after which it is non-refundable.

We will then email you to confirm your submission. We don't want to lose you just because the form may act up! You have to answer all the required questions (with an asterisk) and indicate a choice for all ensembles, even if it's "Not for me." If you have trouble with the form or you don't get a messsge saying "Your response has been recorded," email Jean at WomensCamp@cjc.edu and we'll help register you over the phone.

(2) PAY YOUR TUITION: We accept credit cards, checks or cash.
Pay your full tuition right now online here www.cjc.edu/womenspayment
By phone: Call The Jazzschool at 510.845.5373.
In person: Stop by the Jazzschool at 2087 Addison St. (@ Shattuck), Berkeley, CA 94704

After January 2018, you will get an email from Erika Oba, our auditions coordinator, to plan a brief, low-key scheduling audition so we can meet, play or sing a bit, review your camp schedule and place you in appropriate ensembles.

Hope to see you in March!
Cheers, Jean

2017 Women's Jazz & Blues Campers
First Name
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Name you would like us to use, if different
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E-mail Address(es)
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Zip Code
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Primary (and optional secondary) Instrument or Voice
Schedule permitting, we will make every attempt to accommodate a secondary Instrument or Voice
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Wind, String players and Vocalists only (Bassists see below; Guitarists see chording instruments below)
In terms of soloing, would you classify yourself as: Beginning (never improvised or improvise by ear only), Intermediate (understand and can solo using the Blues scale), Advanced (can improvise on fast moving Major, minor & dominant changes with appropriate scales)
Pianists, Guitarists, Vibists and all Chording Instrumentalists Only
In terms of Jazz & Blues chord playing, would you classify yourself as Beginning (have never read or played chord symbols), Intermediate (can read and play blues and simple chord changes) or Advanced (comfortable reading and playing fast moving Major, minor & dominant chord changes)
Bassists only
Would you classify yourself as Beginning (are new at playing bass lines and chord changes), Intermediate (can walk and play blues/funk bass lines on simple changes), or Advanced (can wales/funk bass lines and keep your place on fast moving Major, minor and dominant chord changes).
Trap Drummers Only
Would you classify yourself as: Beginning (limited or no experience playing drums with a jazz/blues group), Intermediate (comfortable playing jazz, funk & Latin with a group), Advanced (experienced reading detailed drum charts in various styles)
T-shirts - We have various new colors and some colors from prior years (all with no dates). Please choose your Style , Size, and Color (while they last!). Unisex are below women's styles on the list. If you'd rather just wear a Women's Camp shirt you already have, check the first circle!
Ensemble and Workshop Preferences
Your daily schedule includes 3 periods for performing ensembles and non-performing workshops. Some are indicated as instrumental only, some vocal only and some instrumental and vocal. We will make every attempt to give you your top choices, but some spots fill up fast. Please be sure to check one box for each workshop, or the gremlins will spit the form back to you!
1st choice
2nd choice
3rd choice
4th choice
5th choice
Not for me!
JAZZ COMBO (instrumental - performing)
BLUES & SOUL BAND (instrumental/vocal - performing) 
BEATLES MEDLEY CHOIR - (vocal - performing)
LATIN ENSEMBLE  (instrumental - performing) Focusing on the upbeat rhythms of Salsa music.  
CARIBBEAN (instrumental/vocal-performing) Still open only for Vocals, hand percussion, and 2nd guitar.
THEORY/IMPROVISATION (Instrumental and Vocal - introduction to and application of the blues scale, Major, minor and dominant chords and scales, application to other song forms, call and response - non-performing) . Possibly offered at two levels. 
PERCUSSION WORKSHOP - (instrumental, no experience needed) Learn the basics of conga playing and rhythms specific to the hand percussion instruments. Percussionists and teacher will join a Latin ensemble mid-week and perform with them!
VOCAL SKILLS WORKSHOP (non-performing) - vocal techniques, solos, chart reading and writing, harmonizing,  how to lead a band)
RHYTHM & BLUES CHOIR (vocal-performing) Open to anyone who wants to sing,hand percussion and a guitarist, combined with Blues group with a full rhythm section. Anything from Soul to Motown to Funk)
Photo/Sound Release
Do you give camp permission to use your photo and/or audio for promotional purposes only such as in brochures, Jazzschool catalog, etc?
Your location if interested in carpooling
If you would like to receive an email list of others interested in carpooling from your area, please indicate your location.
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Do you need housing?
If you are not local, we may have campers offering space in their homes for the week. Let us know, and we'll get back to you with possible options.
Your answer
Can you house an out-of-town woman for the week?
We already have out-of-town women who want to come to camp. Do you have space to house a fellow musician for the week? If so, please tell us and we will put you directly in touch with a woman needing housing. Thanks so much!
Your answer
How did you hear about Women's camp?
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Interested in Helping?
If you're willing to distribute brochures, post fliers, help set up classrooms or assist in some other way, please tell us what you're available to do and we'll gratefully get back to you.
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Please help us spread the word
Names & emails of anyone else who might be interested or able to spread the word.
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Questions, comments, anything else we should know?
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