April 2012 JJA Blogathon Submissions

Please submit this form so we can include your blog posting, online article, video or photo in the JJA Blogathon. If you don't tell us where to find your work, we won't be able to include it! *Blog posts and articles should have been posted between April 11 and April 30, 2012. ( exceptions will be made for publications on a monthly or less frequent schedule) *Videos and photos should have been shot within the last two years. * Please make sure your submission focuses on some aspect of jazz in your local community: it can be a profile of a local performer, venue or institution where jazz is performed, a profile of a school or teacher, an overview of the local scene, a report on the economic or cultural significance of jazz in your community, a look back at the local history of jazz or – in communities which will honor a Jazz Hero as part of their local celebration of the 2012 JJA Jazz Awards – a profile of the Jazz Hero. *You must include a link back to the Blogathon page: http://news.jazzjournalists.org/jazz_day_2012/jja-blogathon-jazz-in-your-community/ and a line in your post that says your post is part of the JJA 2012 Jazz Day Blogathon. *You may also want to put a Blogathon badge on your blog or website, but this is optional. You'll find the badge code at https://sites.google.com/a/jazzjournalists.org/jazzawards/2012-blogathon-1 THE JJA RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REJECT SUBMISSIONS THAT, IN ITS JUDGEMENT, DO NOT FIT BLOGATHON CRITERIA OR THE CONTENT OF WHICH MIGHT BE UNSUITABLE FOR A GENERAL VIEWERSHIP.
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