Please fill out the areas below with information about your organization and its ESL classes.

**Special Instructions:

1. Multiple Class Sites:
If your organization offers classes at more than one site, you will need to submit a form for each site. The organizational info can remain the same on each submission, but you will need to make sure the "ESL Class Site Address" is the actual address where the classes are held in order for it to accurately populate on the map.

2. Classes with Unique Fees, Schedules, Start Dates:
If you have classes at the same site with varying details such as different fees, start dates, or schedules, you can submit a form per each class, and the classes will all populate in the same location box on the map. For this to happen, just ensure that the organization name and address and the ESL site address are identical on the forms submitted for each class.

3. Updating Information
If any of your class or organizational information changes and you would like to update the map, you will need to submit a new form(s) to accomplish this. Then, you can email us (info@eslmap.com) and give your permission to delete the old information.
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