Getting Geeky with Google Apps

June 29, 2011

#iste11 #googlegeeky

Chris Fitzgerald Walsh

Twitter: @fitzwalsh

Email: cwalsh [at]

The Top 10

1: Google Sites  = free Content Management System

  • Never code HTML again! Integrate all your Google content in one place!
  • Examples
  • Create your own custom gadgets
  • Google Site Templates
  • Student project team templates
  • Student portfolio templates; focus on content not design
  • Conference/professional development sites
  • Embed a Google Group Discussion
  • Your Own Discussion Forums!


2: Google Docs (Video)

  • Your Own Private YouTube!
  • Converts movst video to playable web video and allows downloads
  • Share via Google Docs permisssions

3: Google Docs (Forms)


4: Google Presentations + Google Voice = free online webinars

  • Create a Google Preso, publish it, send URL to parents/audience
  • At preso time, participants call your Google Voice # and watch/listen as students click through the live preso (click “watch together”); audience can ask questions via side chat

5: Google Books + Google Docs = free research/OCR tool

  • Find a book in Google Books and search for a passage on a page
  • Take a screenshot of the book (enlarge the text size one size first!)
  • Upload your screenshot to Google Docs allowing it to “convert from PDF and image files”

6: Google Translate

7: Google Docs Templates & Scripts


8: Google Spreadsheets

9: Google Spreadsheets


10: Google Apps Integration

  • Google Apps API


Even More?

 More cool Google Apps tools to check out....

Google Moderator

  • Instantly take the pulse of the class or bubble up ideas


Google Squared

  • Organize facts from across the web

Google Cloud Connect

  • Sync your MS Office docs with Google Docs

Google Analytics

  • Detailed data on the usage of any website or Google Apps installation