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The coming semester, we as IxESN are welcoming a lot of international students again, which is great! Part of them will participate in our Buddy Program, in which every student will be part of a Buddy Family. For those Buddy Families, exclusive activities like dinners and parties are organised by IxESN 2 to 3 times a period. For international students, it is an easy way to stay in close contact with a group of friends because we provide you with the tools (organised activities) to do so! After a while, we see that Buddy Families become more and more active in undertaking things themselves, like having lunches, going to parties but also going on city trips together. In short: it helps them to make a strong, international group of friends really fast!

To keep this program running, we need groups of 2 to 3 Buddy Mentors that guide their Buddy Families through Wageningen and surroundings. In the first few weeks, these Mentors will - besides join as many activities as they want - have a guiding role. After some time however, we see that these mentors become a group member like any other: enjoying IxESN activities and many other adventures with a close group of international friends.

International students arrive in Wageningen throughout the entire year. Therefore, we are still looking for people that want to become a Buddy Mentor starting in period 1, 2 or 3 (or anytime after of course). So are you an active student that wants to contribute to amazing study-abroad period for a group of students, sign up to become a Buddy Mentor yourself! You can either subscribe as a duo/trio or as an individual. In the latter case, we will find you a co-mentor! If you register as a pair or per three people, all of them need to register themselves.

By filling in this form, you are registering to be a Buddy Mentor starting in period 1-2-3 (2018).
As a buddy you will continue with your group for a whole semester (3 periods).

For any additional questions you can mail to integration@ixesn-wageningen.nl or visit our website: http://ixesn-wageningen.nl/

You can also like us on Facebook to stay updated about our activities: https://www.facebook.com/IxESNWageningen/

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