Isle of Wight County Public Schools
IWCS is updating its current BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE policy. We have provided students and staff a survey to provide feedback, however, we wanted to give parents an opportunity to share their thoughts on possible changes. We ask that you take a few minutes to share your thoughts on changes you might like to see in regards to the policy. We appreciate your support in providing the best learning experience for your child.
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Do you feel students should be able to access their electronic devices at all times while at school?
If you answered "sometimes", would you share where and when you feel electronic devices should be allowed.
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Currently in some of the schools the use of "zones" are implemented to monitor student use. Zones identify where and to what extent students and adults can use devices. A green zone would be unrestricted/open access, which would allow users access to their devices, a yellow zone would allow access at the discretion of the staff member (example: teacher classroom), and a red zone would mean restricted/ no use at any time. Do you think the using "zones" is a good practice in monitoring the use of electronic devices?
Do you believe the policy should reflect a difference in the use of electronic devices based on the students age or grade level?
If you answered "yes" to the question above, would you provide more information.
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Please share any additional thoughts or comments concerning electronic devices in schools.
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