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Uni Band Sign-Ups 2016 - 2017
Student First Name
Student Last Name
Grade (2016-2017)
Student Email
Guardian 1 Email
Guardian 2 Email
Student Cell Phone
If you don't have a phone just write "no phone"
Guardian 1 Cell phone
Guardian 2 Cell Phone
Home Address
Concert Instrument
How sure are you about joining a band class?
Would you like to audition for a higher ensemble than Concert Band?
Concert Band does not require an audition. Audition materials can be found at and dates/time will be coordinated with your director.
Marching Instrument
If you are considering joining marching select an instrument. If you are not joining, select the "not joining marching band" option at the bottom.
How sure are you about joining Marching Band?
Band camp is August 8th – 12th and 15th – 19th from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. Will you miss any portion of this?
If you answered yes, please list conflict
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