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Mapping is the process of linking course evaluations to each class (section).  When a course is mapped to a course evaluation, it automatically displays a Feedback block within the course with a link to the course evaluation.

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Map Course Evaluations to Your Course

  1. Log in to Moodle ISU.
  1. Locate the Main Menu block on the Moodle ISU homepage.

  1. Click on the name of the course evaluation.
  2. Click on Map Feedback to Courses.

  1. In the text box next to Search Courses, Type in the prefix or short name of the desired group of classes.(i.e. CSED).  
  2. Click Search Courses.

A dropdown list of all classes with that prefix or short name will then be available for you to choose which class you would like to map. Only one course can be mapped at a time.

Note: Academic courses short name format is: [Department][CourseNumber]-[Section]-[Semester][yy] (e.g., MATH101-01-F08). When the section number is replaced by a single letter (and the instructors first initial and last name are also added) such as: HISTg4405-JDoe-F08 or BIOL200-JDoeA-F08, they are multisection (meta) courses.

Hot Tip: If your instructors are using metacourses (combining multiple sections of a course), you can map the course evaluation to the metacourses instead of the separate “child” courses.  To search for a metacourse, Type the four-letter prefix and “g” into the course search box, i.e. “ACADg”.

  1. Once the course has been selected, Click on Map Feedback to Courses.
  2. The class has now been mapped to the evaluation. You can unmap a course by clicking on the “X” next to the class.

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