End of Semester Checklist  Moodle ISU


Faculty are responsible for backing up their own course materials at the end of each semester. It is recommended that the Gradebook and course content are both retained.  

This guide will help you to understand:                

Exporting your Moodle ISU Gradebook

Your Moodle ISU Gradebook can be exported to a file and saved to your computer or another secure archive system. Gradebooks in Moodle are not part of the course backup process and need to be archived separately from your course. If you are required to keep grades beyond one year, as indicated in the Archive Policies, Export your Gradebook.

For information on exporting your Gradebook, see Gradebook: Exporting and Importing the Moodle ISU Gradebook.

Backing up Course Content

  1. Clean up course files
  1. Resources and other content that will not be used in future classes should be deleted prior to course backup.
  2. The maximum course file size that can be backed up is 500 MB.

Note: If media files such as video and pictures have been saved in the course files, an error message may appear regarding course file size.

  1. Create a backup to transfer content to another semester
  1. Each semester, you should create a backup of your course. This backup can then be used to restore content in a future term.
  2. Creating a backup for each term is helpful as each term has different holidays and the summer term is shorter.
  3. For more information, see Backing up Moodle ISU Course Data.

Importing Course Content

The Import function allows course content to be moved from one course to another within the same instance of Moodle. Importing course content does not create a backup file. User data (student files), manually added calendar events, and topic headings (summaries) will not be imported using this function.

For more information, see Importing Course Content.

End of Term Course Availability        

Courses will be made unavailable to students one week after the end of the term.  Courses are removed from the server four weeks after the start of the same term the following year. This is to give time for instructors to import content from previous terms into the current term.  

For more information, see Archive Policy.

Courses with Media Content

  1. Video and Media Files
  1. Media files within your Moodle ISU course should not have a combined total size that exceeds 1GB of data.
  2. Courses with more than 1GB will limit your success in backing up and restoring courses.
  3. The ISU Media server is available to house media files.
  4. For assistance in moving video files to the ISU Media server, contact the ITRC or complete the Video Project Request Online Form. 
  5. Alternatives to the Media server include YouTube and Vimeo. These websites provide video storage and streaming as well as the ability to add captions to your videos.
  1. Videos can be private, shared with specific users, or public.
  1. For assistance moving video files to YouTube, contact the ITRC or see How to Upload YouTube videos. 
  2. For assistance moving video files to Vimeo, contact the ITRC or see FAQ: Uploading to Vimeo.
  1. Encoded Classes
  1. The links for encoded classes will be saved in your course backup, however, the encoded class files will be deleted according to the ITRC Archive Policies.  
  2. To request that encoded classes be retained past the retention dates, complete the Archive Exemption Request Online Form.
  1. Narrated PowerPoint Presentations
  1. Narrated PowerPoint Presentations can be created using a variety of tools. We are constantly on the lookout for technologies to support learning, are easy to use, remain usable over time, and work well with Moodle. As we find more options we will make the information available.
  2. The following options are currently supported by the ITRC:
  1. Windows PowerPoint 2013 is now available for ISU computers through your departmental IT specialist or the IT Help Desk.
  1. PowerPoint 2013 has the option to record audio to the slide and export the file as an MP4 video for easy posting in Moodle.
  2. For more information on creating a Narrated PowerPoint and posting the video file to Moodle, see Creating Narrated PowerPoint 2013 Presentations.
  1. Camtasia can also narrate presentations with the added benefit of being able to add captions to the presentation.
  1. The ITRC has several computers available with Camtasia installed.
  2. If you would like to make an appointment to record with Camtasia, contact the ITRC.

Course Evaluations

Department Administrative Assistants can support instructors with end-of-semester course evaluations in Moodle ISU.  

For more information, see Course Evaluations Using Moodle and contact your chair.

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