Withdrawn Students: Suspended Enrollment Moodle ISU


Students who withdraw from a course on or before the designated add/drop date will be placed in a suspended enrollment status in Moodle ISU. While the students will appear in some contexts of your course after they are suspended, they will not be able to access any information within the course. This handout will describe how students with suspended enrollment will appear in the instructor view of your Moodle ISU course.

Note: Students who withdraw after the add/drop date will not be removed from the course.

This guide will help you understand suspended enrollment within:

Participants list

Students with a suspended enrollment will not appear in the course Participants list.  

To access the Participants list:

  1. In the Navigation block, Click My Courses to view your courses.
  2. Select the course you want to see participants.
  3. Under the course name, Select Participants.

Note: Please notice that you will not see the names of withdrawn students in the Participants' list.


Enrolled users

Students with suspended enrollment will appear grayed out on the Enrolled users page.  

To access the Enrolled users page:

  1. In the Administration block , Click on Users and Select Enrolled users.

enrolled user.png

  1. For students with active enrollment, Banner/Luminis Message Broker will appear in black.  Students with suspended enrollment will appear in gray.


Students with suspended enrollment will appear in the Gradebook with a pause symbol, as shown below.


Students with suspended enrollment will appear in the Quickmail list. If you select all recipients, the withdrawn student will receive the Quickmail message.  

For more information about withdrawn students and student enrollments, contact the ITRC.

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