Start of Semester Checklist  Moodle ISU


At the beginning of each term, there are several items to think about as you prepare to teach using Moodle ISU. We have put together a list of questions to help guide you through the initial steps of setting up your Moodle ISU course.

Did you request a Moodle ISU course when the course schedule was created?                

Moodle sections are created based on information provided to the ISU Registrar during the class schedule process. Your department course scheduler must indicate the need for a Moodle course by marking "Moodle Required" in the course request form in ISU BengalWeb.                        

If the class schedule did not include "Moodle Required," please contact your department course scheduler to update the information for your course(s).        

When will I be able to start work on my Moodle ISU course?                

Moodle ISU courses become available as the course schedule is created at the Registrar's office and faculty are assigned. Courses that you have access to will appear on your My Courses list. Courses for the current semester that are available to students will appear in bold lettering at the top of your My Courses list.

Note: Courses from previous semesters will remain listed in your My Courses list so that you may access them but they appear in gray lettering to indicate that they are not available to students.

For more information, contact the ITRC.

If you want to begin before the Moodle ISU courses have been created, you may request a development course. A development course allows you to work on the content of your course, but will not enroll students.

To request a development course, see the Development Course Request Form. When your section is automatically created at the beginning of the term, you will need to move the content to the course where the students are enrolled.

For more information,  see Restoring Course Data from a Backup and Importing Course Content.         

Do you need a metacourse?

A metacourse (multi-section course) combines several sections into one Moodle ISU course. This is helpful for instructors teaching multiple sections of the same course, cross-listed courses, and combined undergraduate/graduate courses.

For more information, contact the ITRC.

To request a metacourse see the Metacourse Request Form.                         

Do you want to use content from a previous course?

Once you have set up a Moodle course, you may reuse the content in future courses using the Restore or Import process.

It is recommended that you create a backup of your course content at the end of each term. This backup can be restored into future courses as needed.

For more information, see Restoring Course Data from a Backup.

The Import process will import components from another Moodle ISU course into an existing course on the same instance of Moodle. This process is helpful for transferring content from a previous course into your current course.

For more information, see Importing Course Content.        

Do you have a video or distance class, and would like to have the lectures from that class encoded and placed in your Moodle ISU course?

Classes taught in video classrooms may be encoded (recorded) and the links placed within your Moodle ISU course.

For more information about this process, see Video Encoding/Posting Request From.        

Do you have older media that you still need?

Media files, such as encoded lectures, narrated presentations, podcasts and similar files located on the ISU Media server or the Adobe Presenter server are removed periodically.

To keep these files, contact the ITRC. Files may be kept on the ISU Media server for use in your current Moodle ISU course or copied onto a disk for your own archive.

For more information, see Archive Policies.        

Do you have any media files that should be transferred to the ISU Media server?

Media files, such as podcasts and similar files are large files and can make restoring course content cumbersome, as well as making your Moodle ISU course slow for your students.

Media files can be placed on the ISU Media server to streamline your course. Contact the ITRC about transferring your media files.

For Copyright Policy information, see our Copyright Policy.         

Media files can also be placed on external video storage sites such as Youtube or Vimeo.  

For more information about these options, contact the ITRC.

Does your content need updating?

Once your content has been moved to your new course you will want to do the following:

Are you ready to add another component to your Moodle ISU course? Is there an activity or assignment that doesn't quite work the way you would like?

Check out the Workshops offered by the ITRC, set up an appointment by calling (208) 282-5880 or stop by our drop-in lab in room B17 in the Library.

For more information on Faculty Moodle ISU Guides and Handouts, see

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