Instructions for Students to take Course Evaluations in Moodle ISU Course Evaluations



This document is an instructional aide for students to complete Course Evaluations using Moodle ISU.

Taking a Course Evaluation

  1. Login to Moodle ISU using the same username and password as your ISU email account.
  1. For more information, see Student: Accessing Moodle

  1. Click on the course of the professor you are evaluating.

  1.  For example, “DENT 3307 - 01: Prevent and Mgmt of Med Emerg (15294), Spring 2016”.

  1. Locate the Feedback block in the course.
  2. Click on the name of the course evaluation.

  1. Click Answer the questions.

  1. Complete the evaluation.
  2. Click Submit your answers when you are done.

For additional help, contact your instructor.

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