Add Feedback Block Moodle ISU


Adding the Feedback block to your course will allow your students to access site wide feedbacks such as course evaluations.

Note: Not all departments use Moodle ISU for course evaluations. The decision whether or not to use Moodle ISU for course evaluations is made by the department.  

This guide will help you to:

Add a Feedback block to your course

  1. Turn Editing On.
  1. For more information, see Moodle ISU Overview.
  1. On the left side of the screen, at the bottom of your existing blocks, there will be a block called Add a block.

  1. In the dropdown menu labeled Add… Click Feedback.

  1. The Feedback block will appear above the block labeled Add a Block.

Hot Tip: You can move new blocks to wherever you want by turning on editing and moving your cursor to the top of the block, the arrow will then turn in to the move icon and from there you can move the block wherever you want.

Note: If your department is using Moodle ISU for course evaluations, the course evaluation coordinator will map your course to the evaluation. Once the evaluation has been mapped, it will appear in the Feedback block for your students.

For more information, see Feedback settings.

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