Collaborate: Creating a Session in your Moodle ISU Course Moodle ISU


Collaborate is a web conferencing tool.  It can be used as a virtual classroom with whiteboard, chat, audio, video, application sharing, polling, and other tools to engage students in a live synchronous online environment.

For more information, see Collaborate Guides and Resources.

This guide will help you:

Add a Collaborate Session to Your Moodle ISU Course

  1. Turn editing on. For more information, see Moodle ISU Overview.
  2. Locate the week or topic where you want the new activity.
  3. Click Add an activity or resource.

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  1. Select Blackboard Collaborate.
  2. Click Add.

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Customize Collaborate Session Settings

  1. In the Title text box, Type the title.
  2. In the Session name text box, Type the session name.
  3. In the Description text box, Type a description of the Collaborate session.
  1. From the Session begins dropdown menu, Select the date and time you want your session to start.
  2. From the Session ends dropdown menu, Select the date and time you want your session to end.

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Note: Hours are displayed on a twenty-four hour clock or military time.

Common Module Settings

For more information, see Groups and Groupings.

Restrict Access

For more information, see Conditional Release.

Activity Completion

For more information, see Activity Completion.


The Schedule allows fifteen minutes for early entries from users.

Note: Check the Display early session entry time checkbox if you wish to have the standard fifteen minutes shown to users.


Session Attributes

  1. Recording mode will decide the mode of recording in the Blackboard Collaborate session.
  1. Manual - A moderator must start the recordings
  2. Automatic - the recording starts automatically when the session starts
  3. Disabled - Recording is disabled
  1. From the Max talkers dropdown menu, Select the maximum number of simultaneous talkers.

Note: Maximum number of simultaneous talkers or the Max talkers needs to be configured in the Blackboard Collaborate session before the start of the session. This sets the limit of maximum microphone privileges available in the session. Microphone privileges may be turned off/on during the Collaborate session. It is generally recommended to have at least 3 maximum talkers in the session.

  1. Restrict session Participants - Checking the box will create a private session that can only be accessed by invited Participants. Moderators and Participants can be managed from the view session page.

Note: This option does not apply to sessions with a Group mode of visible or separate. Participation in that type of session can be managed via group membership.

  1. Enable session teleconferencing - Checking the box will allow session participants to call into the session via teleconference.
  1. Once this option is enabled, the Telephone number and PIN will be available on the View session page.

Session Attributes.jpg

Session Grading

  1. Check the box next to Grade this session if you would like your students’ participation to be graded.
  2. From the Grade attendance dropdown menu, Select the type of grade you would like to give to your students.
  1. None
  2. Scale - Selecting Scale will give every student that attends the session a satisfactory under their grade for the session.
  1. Selecting Scale will enable the Scale dropdown menu from which you will select either Satisfactory or Separate and connected ways of knowing.
  1. Point - If a student attends a session, they will be assigned the full point grade selected for the session.
  1. Selecting Point will enable the Maximum points text box, in which you will set the points the session will be worth.


Group Settings

The Moodle grouping option is STRONGLY not recommended. The Moodle grouping option does not work as expected within a collaborate session.

If you need to use breakout rooms for group work, contact ITRC - (208)-282-5880 or email

To save the settings of the session:

  1. Click Save and return to course to be taken back to the main course page.
  2. Click Save and display to go to the session.
  3. Click Cancel to delete the session.


For more information, contact ITRC - (208)-282-5880 or

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