Getting traction for SaaS startups – product tear-down and peer feedback
This PlaybookRT will focus on “Getting traction for SaaS Startups“. The PlaybookRT is facilitated by Rushabh Mehta(ERPnext) & Niraj Ranjan Rout(Hiver). Apply to get your slot here

SaaS is awesome – you can build a real business with a small team sitting in India serving customers all over the world, turning in real profits and growing real fast.

To get your SAAS revenue and growth engine running, you need to find a product fit with a good market, and make sure your website and marketing convey the right message. With a few things like integrations, marketplaces and email marketing figured out, you can hit an awesome growth rate without having to spend tonnes of money on hiring an army of sales-people.

In this playbook, we look at the things that a SaaS company with less than 100 customers needs to get right early on. This would include working on the product market fit, getting your messaging right, and building a website and signup/on-boarding flow that converts with very little human intervention. The format of the playbook is built around quick 5 minute demos, followed by peer-feedback moderated by two SAAS founders who have already built successful SAAS businesses.
Playbook-RoundTable is one of the most sought after community events of iSPIRT. It’s a gathering of 12 like-minded product startups who are beyond the early stage. RoundTables are facilitated by an iSPIRT maven who is an accomplished practitioner of that Round-Table theme.

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