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Where would you rank Minnesota Sports? We will look at the Minnesota sports teams, including (but not limited to) the history of the team, record, draft choices, and statistics.
Where would you rank Sonic Science Applications? Hands-on activities which require students to follow a set of technical directions to complete a project. The final project, once completed, will focus on a variety of scientific applications or topics.
Where would you rank Paper Mache’ Sculpture? In this exploratory you will create a sculpture out of recycled objects and paper mache' of your choice. You will be able to design, create and complete a sculpture.
Where would you rank Origami Plus? Come and explore the many things you can do with paper. This exploratory will have you cutting, folding, coloring, pasting, and doing many other things with paper to design some very creative works of art.
Where would you rank Sewing? We will make a lap quilt.
Where would you rank 8th Grade Small Ensemble? This is a group of about 20 kids interested in learning/singing a bigger variety of music and styles.
Where would you rank African Drumming 7th and 8th Grade Only! This class would explore playing African percussion instruments as part of a drum ensemble.
Where would you rank Explore Your Creativity with Scrapbooking. Come and explore your creativity with me while you learn different ways to scrapbook. We will be making a variety of cards(ex. thank you cards), photo pages of your favorite memories with friends and family, and other creative items such as gift bags made out of toilet paper rolls. Let's explore!
Where would you rank Strategy Games ? Play or learn to play chess, checkers, battleship, and many other games
Where would you rank Jigsaw Puzzles? Come and put together friendships and jigsaw puzzles! A variety of puzzle choices available from double sided, 3D, or puzzles with as little as 100 pieces to over 1000!
Where would you rank Math Crafts? Make something fun or yummy using math!
Where would you rank Games and Crafts? Play a variety of board games, card games, and create different craft projects throughout the trimester
Where would you rank Math Games? Card games, dice games and more using math.
Where would you rank The History of You? This exploratory will give you the chance to learn more about the past that most impacts your life. You'll be able to discover more about the history of you, your family and the community you live in through many different activities.
Where would you rank Mapping the World? Be a Geography "Super Star" and learn where every country in the world is located and be able to identify the country on a map.
Where would you rank Paper Pieced Quilting? Can you sew on a straight line? If so, this class will show you how to create amazing paper pieced quilts. The technique is easy to learn and the best part is playing with colors, designs and patterns of fabric to create just the quilt picture you want. Even if you can't sew a straight line yet, this exploratory class will show you a whole new way to look at fabric scraps.
Where would you rank Introduction to Mock Trial? Are you interested in law and what attorneys or witnesses do? Mock Trial will explore the components of a trial for both sides of a case. We will prepare and perform a trial.
Where would you rank Yahtzee, Scrabble, Checkers and Chess? Kick back and relax with some time playing Yahtzee, Scrabble,Checkers and Chess. Improve your math computation skills as well as word power.
Where would you rank Ornithology Encyclopedia? Ornithology is the scientific study of birds. Ornithologists study every aspect of bird life. We will be learning and you will create your own book about the topography and characteristic of birds. This exploratory class will give you knowledge and understanding of the birds you see in your own backyard!
Where would you rank Basic Digital Design? Learn to design an invitation, flyer, menu and learn spacial design when designing your dream room.
Where would you rank Strength and Conditioning? Students will work to gain speed, strength, and conditioning through a mixture of weight training, plyometrics, conditioning drills, and active games.
Where would you rank Upcycled Art? Upcycled Art will be an exploratory that offers students the chance to use their creative side to determine how everyday items, can be turned into works art. In this class we will create useful items with that have an artistic flare. Examples of these projects may include: paper beaded jewelry, t-shirt rag rugs, magazine collages, plastic top murals, along with much more!
Where would you rank Intro to Spanish? Have fun while learning a new language...Spanish! Through games and activities, we will learn some basics of the Spanish language! Come and join the fun!
Where would you rank Bluejacket Football Philosophy? Students will learn about the Bluejacket style of football and will be introduced to the various coaching staff at the 9th, 10th, Junior Varsity, and Varsity levels. They will also learn about the nutrition and weight training programs that the high school programs use to train both during and after the football season. The culminating event of this class will be a flag football tournament held at CMS.
Where would you rank Forensics? The forensics exploratory will be an exploration and lab investigation course which applies many disciplines of scientific study such as biology/anatomy, chemistry, and physics to solving crimes
Where would you rank Minecraft - Finding the Engineer in You? Students will be building their dream home, setting up their village, replicating a famous building like the White House and building the Golden Gate Bridge as a team using creative mode. Students will explore effective communications skills through discussions and group exercises in Minecraft.
Where would you rank 8th Grade Jazz Band? This is a performing ensemble that allows our more advanced band students to expand upon their musical skills. This group will be exposed to some of the different styles that are present in the jazz band setting. Jazz Band is made up of the following instruments ONLY: saxophones, trumpet, trombone/baritone, guitar, bass guitar, piano and drum-set.**Guitar, bass guitar, piano and drum-set players must audition before being accepted.
Where would you rank Dance-nastics? A combination of different styles of dance and gymnastics for both boys and girls.
Where would you rank CMS Promotions? Let's get the word out! CMS Promotions will include producing and recording the daily CMS Student News, designing CMS posters, and helping manage Cambridge Middle School's social media accounts. This class will require writing broadcast scripts, being on screen, and being creative! We need YOU to help get the word out about the awesomeness of CMS!
Where would you rank 8th Grade Woodwinds Ensemble? A class that is dedicated to clarinet, flute & oboe players. This group will expand upon their music skills and will rehearse duets and trios to feature the upper woodwind section of the band.Requirement: Students must already be a clarinet, flute or oboe player.
Where would you rank Free Draw/Sketch? Explore your inner artist through drawing and sketching
Where would you rank Digital Photography and Photo Editing? How you take cool digital photos and trick photos. How to add artistic flare to your personal memories. We will use a variety of free applications and editing tools.
Where would you rank Explore Word Games? Enjoy playing word games and stretch your vocabulary with games such as Bananagrams, Boggle, Balderdash. You may be introduced to a new favorite.
Where would you rank Sudoku, Kakuro, Mancala, etc.? Have fun playing brain teasing puzzles and games with your friends.
Where would you rank Free Play? Indoor/outdoor activities, relax and unload the stress of the day though organized pick-up games.
Where would you rank One-Act Play (7th & 8th grade only) This class would explore the basics of acting and theatre. Over the course of a trimester the class would rehearse and perform a one-act play as well as work on the various technical side of theatre such as sound, set, and costumes.
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