Coach/Advisor Evaluation
The purpose for this feedback is to help your coach or adviser review their current goals and set goals for next year. The survey will remain anonymous. Please answer each question with the response that best represents your opinion using the scale below. Your objective feedback is greatly appreciated.

1 - Almost Never
2 - Sometimes
3 - Usually
4 - Almost Always

District 77 Core Values

Advisor/Coach you are Evaluating
Your answer
Team Level
My coach coaches in a manner that promotes the core values of ISD 77.
My coach communicates effectively.
My coach promotes and encourages students to participate in a variety of additional activities.
My coach shows an interest in and stresses the importance of academics (Student first, athlete second).
My coach encourages and demonstrates sportsmanship.
My coach obeyed and respected the rules of the game.
My coach showed respect for the officials.
My coach treated all players with respect.
My coach treated opponents with respect.
My coach used positive reinforcement.
My coach maintains effective individual and team discipline.
My coach organizes the activity with clear daily expectations.
My coach established goals for/with the team and revisited them periodically as a measure of the teams progress.
My coach encouraged players to be their best.
Team building activities helped provide a sense of team unity and cohesiveness.
Parents and student participants were provided information regarding team guidelines and policies.
My coach rewarded effort, not just results.
My coach helped me learn and improve in the sport.
Practices were high energy, organized and structured to provide a game plan for success.
My coach helped me bounce back from mistakes.
My coach was accessible and approachable.
My coach gave a strong message to avoid drugs and alcohol.
My coach made the sport fun for me.
If you answered "Almost Never" on any of the above questions, please provide an explanation.
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Did you have a positive experience participating in this sport this season?
If you answered "No" to the previous question, please explain why.
Your answer
I would choose to participate in this activity again.
What did your coach do very well this season.
Your answer
What is something your coach can do to be more effective.
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Looking back on your season, what did you value the most?
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