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Fall Welcome Back Conferences
1. Did you attend the Fall Welcome Back Conferences? *
2. If no, why didn't you attend?
If no, please skip questions 3-5.
3. If yes, how long were you at the school for the entire Welcome Back Conference experience? *
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4. How would you rate your overall experience at the Fall Welcome Back Conference?
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Very Satisfied
5. What was effective about Fall Welcome Conferences? What needs improvement?
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6. Would you recommend having Fall Welcome Back Conferences again next year?
7. Did you complete the Annual Update from Skyward? *
8. If yes to question 6: What was effective about the Annual Update from Skyward? What needs improvement?
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9. If no to question 6: Was there anything that could have helped you complete the Annual Update?
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10. School *
11. Attended a Welcome Back Conference for a Child in Grade Level (allow multiple responses) *
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