Pine City Jr. / Sr. High School

Activities Participant Handbook

Pine City Junior Senior High School Activities Philosophy

We believe that interscholastic activities at Pine City shall be an integral part of the total school's educational program, which provides the opportunity for participation in a wide variety of student-selected activities not otherwise provided in the curriculum. Consequently, activities are a vital part of the student’s educational experience. Such participation is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities to the school, to the activity, to the student body, to the community and to the individual student. These experiences contribute to the development of learning skills and emotional patterns that enable the student to make maximum use of his or her education. Interscholastic athletics/activities shall be primarily for the benefit of the students who participate directly or as spectators. The interscholastic athletic/activities program shall exist for the value and benefit of the students and the sponsoring institutions.

Pine City student activities are considered co-curricular to the school's program of education, which provides experiences that will help to develop boys and girls physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.  The spirit of competition and winning is inevitable, but should be controlled to the point that it does not determine the nature of the program. We believe this philosophy is educationally and psychologically sound because of the training it offers for living in a competitive society. Students are stimulated to want to win and excel, but the principles of good sportsmanship are of ultimate concern in contributing to the educational values of contests and the development of better citizens.

A Message from the Activities Director

To All Dragon Activity Participants,

You are now part of a great tradition, be it athletic, fine arts or other activity which has been built with commitment and hard work by many people here at Pine City Junior Senior High School.  My hope for you is that you will gain from the experiences that come through commitment as well winning and losing. Good luck to you as you participate in the activities of your choice. Please embrace your “Dragon Pride” as you participate in our activities program.

As always it’s a great day to be a Dragon,


Coach “C”                                                        

Bill Christianson, Activities Director

(320) 629-4114

Student Section

• Activity participants are STUDENTS FIRST.  You are expected to put forth effort in your classes, display cooperation by following adult directions and following all classroom rules.  Doing your  part to help maintain a healthy classroom learning environment.


The Pine City School Board has placed an expectation that all of our activity

participants maintain a 2.0 grade point average or higher every grading period quarter and also have no failing grades in any classes.  If at the end of the quarter

the participant  does not meet these expectations the following actions will be enforced during the next grading period quarter :

1st Time :  Academic Probation

2nd Time :  Loss of 10% of the activities events

3rd Time :  Loss of 20% of the activities events

4th and more Times :  Loss of 20% and also placed

on a contract with the A.D.

• Activity participants will abide by the attendance policy of Pine City Public Schools.  The expectation is that the participant needs to be in attendance for the entire school day to participate in any after school activities.  Students who arrive at school after 8:10 a.m. must present an acceptable excuse from a parent/guardian and the excuse must be a School Authorized Absence in order to participate in practice or events that day.  Suspension from school or removal from class makes the participant ineligible to participate in practice or games held on the day of the suspension or removal from class.

• Activity participants will abide by the chemical use policy of Pine City Public Schools and the Minnesota State High School League.  You are reminded this is a 24-7-365 day rule, and not just during your activities season.  The first violation will result in the loss of two events or two weeks whichever is greater.  A second violation will result in the loss of nine weeks of events.  The third and any further violations will each result in a complete restriction from participation including practices for one calendar year.

• Activity participants will follow the student responsibilities and student code of conduct outlined and described in the Dragon Student Handbook.  This includes following the laws of Pine City, Pine County, Minnesota, and the United States of America.  Administrative decision will determine the penalties for these offenses which can include both in school and activity suspensions.

        Code of Conduct

The community, school administration, and coaching staff believe high standards

of conduct and citizenship are essential to a sound activity program. Participants

will conduct themselves as ladies and gentleman at all times. Remember you are a

representative of Pine City Public School, your team, coach, and family.  You are expected to conduct yourself in an exemplary manner at all times in school, the community, and on any campus which your team is visiting. Acts of unacceptable conduct such as, but not limited to negative involvement with staff, theft, vandalism, arrest, or any violation of the law, will result in disciplinary action under the Student Conduct Code.


Pine City Junior Senior High School activities participants are expected to treat

opponents, officials, coaches and spectators with respect at all times. This is a

responsibility you must take seriously. Coaches will discuss good sportsmanship

with their teams at the beginning of each season.  Unsportsmanlike conduct on or off the field of competition may result in an athletes dismissal / suspension from the team and may jeopardize future participation in activities. The final decision in this matter will be  made cooperatively between the coach, A.D., and principal.

Hazing / Initiations and Bullying

Hazing, initiations, or bullying of student-participants by other team members is

not acceptable, and any practice of this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

Actions of this type may be illegal, and those involved may be subject to police

action as well as dismissal and/or suspension from participation in any activity

program. Hazing is defined as committing an act against a student, or coercing a

student into committing an act, that creates a substantial risk of harm to a person,

in order for the student to be initiated into or affiliated with a student organization,

or for any other school-related purpose.

• Activity participants will follow these general expectations for all of our activities.  Additional activity specific items may be established and required of the participant as defined by the Head Coach of that activity.  

Practice and Games Attendance during the Season

Attendance at all practice sessions and/or events for their level (including

tournament and vacation periods) for all team members is required.

Athletes are not permitted to leave practice or games early without prior approval

by a member of the coaching staff.

Out-of-Season Conditioning Attendance

Many teams will conduct conditioning programs during the off-season or during

the summer. All out-of-season conditioning programs including summer

conditioning are completely voluntary and participation may in no way directly

affect the following seasons team placement.

In no way should an out-of-season activity take priority over an in-season activity

Dress Code

The Activities Department expects all student-participants will maintain a clean,

neat, and modest appearance and to meet or exceed all guidelines set in the

student handbook.

Coaches may have additional dress requirements for game days.


The school attempts to provide the best and safest equipment money can buy. Each participant is expected to take excellent care of this equipment.

This will includes laundering uniforms. If the equipment needs repair any time

during the season, the participant should notify the coach as soon as possible.

The participant must accept full responsibility for equipment or uniforms issued

by the school. If they are lost or anything is damaged, she/he must pay the school

for its replacement. When the participant completes a season, he/she will have one

week from the final contest to return issued equipment to the coach. A participant

who does not  return the issued equipment / uniforms will be charged for the

replacement fee. The participant cannot participate in any other activities until the item is returned or paid for.

Sports Physicals

Per Pine City Public School policy, each athlete must have an approved sports physical by the first practice of the season that he/she wishes to participate in. An updated physical is required once every three years.  Additionally, every athlete will be administered the  baseline “Impact” concussion test once each year at no cost.

MSHSL and Pine City Public School Required Forms

Forms outlining the Minnesota State High School League expectations and the Pine City School Districts rules, policies, and expectations will be available on-line and must be completed in a timely manner once practice has begun.  These only need to be submitted for the first activity of each year the student participates in.

Participation Fee

Per Pine City School District policy each participant must pay an activity fee to participate.  This will be available on-line and is required for each activity the participant is involved in.   A $150 maximum payment per family per year is maintained.

        Activity Fee’s :

          Grades 7, 8, 9 and all Fine Art Activities =  $ 25

  Grades 10, 11, 12  =  $ 40  

Transportation to away activities

Activity participants will use the School District provided transportation to and from all off-campus student activities.  This shall be in school buses or other school vehicles driven by a school approved driver who has the necessary qualifications to drive the vehicle.  Participants will ride on school approved transportation unless the parent has requested and signed an Alternative Transportation Form and the request has been approved by both the Activities Director and Principal.  Any participant wishing to ride home with a parent after an away school activity, may be signed out by their parent/guardian in the presence of the adult in charge at the activity.



First and foremost, know and understand the goals and purpose your child has in participating. Support your student's efforts toward meeting their goals. Work to promote a positive environment that is conducive to the students development. Research indicates that students involved in co-curricular activities have a greater chance for success in school and during adulthood. Many of the character traits developed as a successful participant are exactly those that will promote a successful life after high school. We hope the information provided here helps to make both your child's and your experience with the Pine City Junior / Senior High School activity program less stressful and more enjoyable.

As the parent/guardian of the activity participant, become familiar with, and review the team and activities department rules and regulations with your student.  Communicate with the Coach or Activity Director any concerns in a timely manner, according to district protocol. Treat all coaching personnel with courtesy and respect, and insist your student participant does the same.  Make every effort to accompany your student to informational meetings offered by the coach and/or the activities department.  Assure that your student will attend all scheduled practices and contests.  Acknowledge and support the ultimate authority of the coach to determine strategy and player selection.  Work closely with coaches, guidance counselors, and school personnel to identify a reasonable and realistic future for your student after high school.  Attend as many contests as possible to show support for your child, the team, and the school. Be supportive of the team, the participants, and the coaches.  Learn the basic rules and strategies of the sport to gain a better understanding of it.  Because sportsmanship begins with you, we ask that you exhibit good sportsmanship at all times. Your admission to a contest is to watch the performances of the student participants.  It is not a license to abuse officials, coaches, players or other spectators. Be a positive role model for all of our student participants.  

“What does it mean to be a successful student?

What does it mean to be a successful participant in activities?

It requires the same set of skills and abilities. It demands discipline; it demands focus; it requires setting goals and meeting those goals; it requires being able to face adversity, and it requires meeting challenges aggressively and with integrity.

Successful student participants approach their activities in this manner and must approach their studies in the same way.”

-Kendra Hamilton, Director at CaseNEX


Parenting and coaching are both extremely difficult undertakings. As parents and coaches become more aware of each other's roles and responsibilities, all of our children benefit.  When your child becomes involved in our activity programs, you have a right to understand what expectations are placed on him/her. This is facilitated by clear communication between you and your child's coaches.

Communication you should expect from your child's coach :

* Expectations the coach has for your child, as well as all the players on the squad.

* Locations and times of all practices and contests.

* Team requirements, i.e., practices, special equipment, out-of season conditioning.

* Lettering Policy.

* Discipline that may result in the denial of your child's participation.

Procedures for contacting coaches

Participant / Parent and Coach Communication Steps

Step One :  

The participant themselves should first meet with the coach at an appropriate time to discuss the issue.  These usually clear up informational misunderstandings.

Step Two :

If this is not successful at resolving the issue, the parent should request a meeting

with the coach.  Please contact the coach via email or phone and set up an

appointment. These meetings must be prearranged.  In attendance at this meeting

will be the participant, the parent/guardian, the coach, and also an additional

coach is highly suggested to act only as a witness.

These meetings will be conducted with three limitations.

1) Playing time will not be discussed;

how the participant can improve can be discussed.

2) Other students will not be discussed.

3) Unacceptable behavior/language will end the meeting.

Step Three :

        If the meeting is not successful at resolving the issue, the Activities Director will

be contacted by the coach and a meeting will be set up which will include all those

previously in attendance with now the Activities Director included as well.

The coach is required, via email, to keep the Activities Director informed of all Step Two meetings with details on issues discussed and information given.

Rules of Conduct for Parents or Community Adults

No issues/conflicts between a parent, student, official or coach should be addressed during or immediately following an event or practice. As stated previously, all meetings need to be prearranged. The game site, practice field, lobby or locker rooms are not appropriate places to handle the conflict.

Certain behaviors are considered inappropriate and unacceptable. The school and activities department reserves the right to refuse admission or remove persons who

exhibit such behaviors including, but not limited to:

1) Berating, humiliating or taunting our coaches, participants, or spectators when in attendance at an event or at any other time in a public forum, including social media.

2) Berating, humiliating or taunting of coaches, players, or spectators from our opponents community.

3) Berating and harassment of game officials. Officials should be treated with respect during and after contests. Any physical confrontation may be considered assault.

4) Racist, sexist or profane remarks directed at any team, coach, participant, official, or spectator.

Violation of this policy by a fan or parent will result in suspension from the next scheduled home or away contest.

A second violation of this policy by fans or parents will result in suspension from the next four scheduled home or away contest.

A third violation of this policy by fans or parents will result in suspension for one calendar year from all district sport and fine art activities.

Violations shall be cumulative, regardless of who is involved.

School Administration reserves the right to restrict access as necessary in extreme situations.