2016 Percussion Auditions
Band music is typically only written for 5-6 percussionists, and thus we need to limit the number of players. If there are too many percussionists, some would have to sit out and not participate, and that isn't fun or educational for the students. Another challenge with percussion is that it includes so many different types of instruments. We want beginning percussionists to be successful even though they have so much to learn, so we require piano proficiency for this one section of the band.

To give you an idea of the types of instruments used in the percussion section, please take 10 minutes to watch this clip of the percussion section of the Santa Clara Vanguard--a college-aged group--playing mallet instruments (e.g. 4-mallet marimba), marching drums, ethnic drums (e.g. doumbek), and concert percussion (e.g. timpani): https://youtu.be/Sj_l-pJaY7k?t=18s

Percussionists must possess excellent attention to detail. Please watch this 4-minute video of a professor demonstrating all the technical skills need for a tambourine part: https://youtu.be/kf0OBp-f-5g Even tambourine is WAY more complicated than it looks, right? ;-)

To help us find the 5-6 percussionists for next year's 6th Grade Band, we ask that any interested students come in and demonstrate their musical skills. This audition will consist of the following:
- Rhythm tests
- Limb coordination tests
- A prepared piano solo (please bring your own music)
- Sight-reading on piano

Once all interested students have auditioned, 5-6 students will be contacted and given the option to switch to percussion, and all other students will continue on their woodwind or brass instrument.
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Printed music MUST be brought to the audition, even if you have it memorized!
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Percussion auditions are just like trying out for a spot on a sports team: let's teach our children the very best values about teamwork, whether they get their first choice OR their second choice.
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