Parowan Online Questionnaire
Please give us your honest, and helpful opinion about what we can improve in our City. Thank you!
Where do you live
What age group are you in?
What is your gender
If you live in Parowan or the immediate area, when friends and family visit you, where do you take them while they're visiting? (The "must see" or "must do" activities - other than staying home).
Your answer
If you live in the Parowan area, where YOU go to hang out on weekends or during evening hours (other than home)? Another town? If so, where? Or to a certain place?
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What do you think are Parowan's three greatest assets? Please list them in order. Don't include "people" - we know the people are a great asset.
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What do you think the three biggest challenges, or negatives are about Parowan? Don't include "local politics" or "the people."
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What could or should done in Parowan to get people to spend more time and money here?
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What do you think Parowan should be known for that will set them apart from every other city or town in Utah?
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