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Happy Holidays from the Fry Music room! This has been such an incredible year of music-making already! It's hard to believe a semester has just about passed! I have been seeing such amazing growth and creativity in all of your children. I can't wait to continue in January!

Will you help me out? I am highly interested to know about your child's musical lives outside of school. Would you mind filling this quick survey out? I want to better connect to your child and tailor our lessons to fit their musical needs.

Thank you SO much for your support of your children in music. I count myself extremely blessed to be your child's music teacher!

Mr. Henry

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Mr. Ryan Henry
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What school/city/state did your child attend last year? *
This will help me understand your child's history with methods of learning pitch (do re mi fa sol...) and rhythm counting.
Is your child fluent in another language aside from English? *
If yes, which language?
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Does your child take lessons on a particular instrument? *
Their VOICE is an instrument too :)
If so, which instrument(s) and how long have they been taking lessons?
Ex: "Piano for 3 years"
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If your child sings in a community children's choir such as Young Naperville Singers, or another community choir (including church choirs/bands), or plays an instrument in a community program, please briefly tell us! *
If no, just type "N/A"
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How many times per month does one or more members of your family engage in a LIVE musical activity (where THEY make the music)? *
How many times per week do you hear about music class from your child? *
Who is your child's favorite performing artist? You can name up to THREE. If you don't know, just tell me who you listen to the most. *
If you really don't know just type "N/A".
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Are YOU proficient on an musical instrument? If so, just type the instrument name.
I.E. "Guitar" or "Piano"
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Is there anything you want to tell me that might help me as your child's music teacher?
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Have you and your child explored the musical activities and articles on my website? Visit! *
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