Ag Report TEACHERS (FY17) (v.May17)
1. Chapter Number
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2. FFA District
3. Sex
4. Number of Ag Ed Instructors Employed in your High School
5. Number of High School Students enrolled in Ag Ed courses this school year (unduplicated, number only)
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6. Number of Middle School Students enrolled in Ag Ed courese this school year (unduplicated, number only)
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7. Advisory Committee: Ag Ed Program...
8. Advisory Committee typically meets ____ times per year.
9. Advisory Committee maintains organized minutes of meetings.
10. Advisory Committee makes annual recommendations to the school board.
11. Advisory Committee has a planned/timed rotation of members.
12. SAE...
13. Travel to conduct individual SAE visits...
14. Number of Extended Contract Days (number only)
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15. Extra Pay for FFA (Separate from Extended Days)
16. My contract requires me to teach class(es) other than Ag Ed.
17. My contract is shared with another district.
18. In comparison to last year, my contract for extended days and extra duty pay for FFA...
19. My teaching contract (your contract DAY) is...
20. Year(s) until eligible for retirement.
21. I will leave teaching before the next school year.
22. I am endorsed to teach general science.
23. I am endorsed to teach biology.
24. I am endorsed to teach industrial technology.
25. I am endorsed to be an administrator.
26. Please enter any other endorsements you have if not already listed above (other than Agriculture-related)
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