HSEMD Attachment D - Change Management Form
HSEMD has implemented a new policy for all PSAPS to follow that effect the wireless network. The change management process is necessary to ensure that TCS, the network provider, and your vendor are all involved.
The change management process centralizes the approval for all wireless 9-1-1 network-related activities and ensures that all entities involved are notified of the changes.

It is the responsibility of the PSAP to submit a completed change management request form prior to the work being done based on the schedule below. It is also the responsibility of the PSAP to notify their vendors of this change management policy.

PSAP Move-PSAP moves to new location or PSAP is moving equipment to another room or another location – must submit change management form 80 business days prior to the move.

PSAP Adds-New PSAP equipment and software upgrades –must submit change management form 30 business days prior to the installation of the equipment, unless demarc or circuits need to be moved, then it is 80 days.

Alt Routing Changes-add or change to current configuration-10 business days

Speed Dial/Star Codes-add or change to current configuration – 10 business days

Expedite Fees will be assessed to the PSAP for not submitting the request within the allotted time frame.

By not following this policy, you may be putting your PSAP at risk, it is essential for the State and TCS to be part of the process when changes are being made at the PSAP that may affect the equipment we have installed that interfaces with your equipment.

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