SIS Music Instrumental/Vocal Program Private Music Lessons

15 lessons begin the week of January 15th 2018
12 Lessons begin the week of February 5th 2018

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

The Music Instrumental Vocal Program offers students private instruction in a variety of musical instruments, as well as the voice. Lessons are generally held after school, Monday-Thursday sometime between the hours of 15.45-18.30 & Fridays 15:45-18.00. Pending the availability of the private music teacher, as well as the approval of the student's classroom teacher, some lessons may be scheduled into a student's break time or before school.

Our teachers are professional, experienced instructors and active performers all currently performing both in the Stockholm area and in other venues all around the globe.

There is a tuition fee charged for enrolment in the lesson program. Please see below for more information regarding costs and lesson duration. Instrument rentals are also available through the school for some of the instruments offered in the program, as can be seen below and can be selected on the application form for the program.

If interested in lessons, please fill in the Electronic MIVP Application Form below. Shortly thereafter submitting your Application Form you will receive a confirmation email with your acceptance into the program. You will then be contacted by the private music teacher who specialises in your chosen instrument. It is at that time that you will discuss and decide upon a lesson day and time.


Lesson Cost and Duration Options:

12 lessons per term (Autumn and Spring /Summer term)
All lessons are private – 1 student only.
30 minute lessons cost 4000 SEK per term.
45 minute lessons cost 5500 SEK per term.

*15 lessons (Spring/Summer term only)
All lessons are private – 1 student only.
30 minute lessons cost 5000 SEK per term
45 minute lessons cost 6900 SEK per term


Instrument Rental (indicate on the Electronic Application below that you wish to rent.):

Fee: 300 SEK per term

Rental Instrument Check-Out, will take place the week before lessons are due to start : Please contact, Kimberley Akester, via email: Program Coordinator, ( to arrange an appointment to pick-up the rental.

Only those students taking lessons or participating in a school ensemble are eligible to rent an instrument.

Lessons are charged by term. You will receive an invoice from SIS for the lessons mid-way through the 12 or 15 weeks of instruction. Students may take lessons one or both terms. Payments should be made within 10 days of receiving an invoice from SIS.

** There are no refunds for students who quit lessons before the end of the term. Parents have the option to discontinue their child’s enrolment in the program after the first lesson. If so decided, parents will be charged for the price of that one lesson and payment will be due in CASH ONLY to the SIS business office. Also, if so decided to discontinue enrolment after the first lesson, it is the parent’s obligation to promptly inform their child’s after school music teacher, as well as Kimberley Akester, Program Coordinator, ( Parents will be billed for the entirety of the program after the student has received their second lesson. Please keep a copy of this agreement/application in a safe place for future reference. **

** After the submittal of this agreement parents will be contacted by an after school music teacher to set up a lesson time. Lessons usually take place weekdays between 15.45-18.30. There are no guarantees that lessons can take place directly after school or at another time during or before the school day. Lesson times are scheduled at the availability of the instructor upon discussion with the parent and students/parents must stay committed to the agreed upon lesson time. Weekly flexibility is only dependent upon the music teacher’s schedule.**

Missed Lessons:
* No-shows and cancellations are still charged, unless the teacher receives 24 hours notice.
* Cancelled lessons may be made up if scheduling allows.
* Lessons that cannot be made up are not eligible for refund

Practice at Home and Commitment:
* We encourage students to practice at home between lessons.
* Daily practice is critical to musical progress.
* Students must be committed to learning their instrument. Learning an instrument can often be a difficult task, so students and parents should remain positive and diligent in the practice process…

*****PLEASE NOTE: By submitting the application form below you are hereby committing and agreeing to the terms written above for the SIS Music Instrumental Vocal Program. If you decide to discontinue enrolment in the program for before any lessons are received, you will NOT be obligated for any payment due. However, after receiving the 1st trial lesson you are obligated for payment of that lesson if you decide to then discontinue lessons. After completing the 2nd lesson of the program, you are then obligated for payment of all lessons.*****



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