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Within how many days should a person apply for GST registration?
What is the rate of GST on gold?
What is the time of supply of goods if date of invoice is 7th May and Receipt of Payment is 10th May?
Form GSTR-9 is a
In case of a charge of wilful misstatement what is the time period for issue of Show Cause Notice demanding GST payable?
Rakesh checked into a hotel with a declared tariff of Rs 6500. What would be the GST rate applicable on his bill?
GST is leviable on which product out of the following?
What is the threshold limit of turnover in the previous year for opting to pay tax under the composition scheme for states other than those listed in special category?
Ramesh bought a footwear worth rupees 400. What would be the GST rate applicable?
Which of the following tax is not being subsumed under GST?
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