Press Release

9:00 AM



GustieLeaks was a drastic measure for a drastic situation. We created this site as a hub of information, most of which was already publicly available, and some of which needed to be. This site provided information in a time when it was hard to know what to believe among the rumors and confusion. We brought together many disparate pieces of information on President Ohle’s leadership, aiming for simple truths and clarity, because we believed that if the Gustavus community saw the whole story, they would be compelled to push for a change of leadership.


In the spirit of constructive conversation, many Gusties contributed to GustieLeaks. Thank you to those who submitted, those who read, those who maintained the site, and those who donated to the purchase of the domain. The documents posted on this site came from many different people, none of whom will be named, but all of whom are deeply committed to Gustavus.


On June 27, 2013, the Gustavus Adolphus College Board of Trustees announced that Jack Ohle will conclude his term as president in June 2014. We hope that the board has learned some lessons over the past five years. We need a president who will inspire trust in this community and instill hope in our future. This is an academic community, where thoughts are shared openly, conversation is constructive, and questions are pursued intensely and with sincerity. A recommitment to our academic core will not only hold Gustavus together, but will also ensure the sustained financial health of Gustavus. The hiring process for the new president must reflect these lessons.


It is now the duty of the students, board, faculty, new president, staff, and other community members to learn from the past, and help Gustavus to thrive again.  It is time for a new conversation, and new questions. “What should our next president be like?” “How should Gustavus compete as a liberal arts college in a rapidly changing world?” “How do we heal a broken community?” The work of rebuilding this community must be done face-to-face, not through leaked documents. In 24 hours, we will retire the documents of GustieLeaks indefinitely. This is our sign of good faith; we believe that focusing on renewal and healing will drive Gustavus to grow.

Gustavus’ strength comes from the people who make up this community and their commitment to the core values. We learn our core values in classrooms, in dorm rooms, in chapel services, and in the cafeteria. Professors teach them, staff members model them, and administrators certainly must embody them. Though the documents will be taken down, GustieLeaks will remain, and the love for Gustavus that led to this site will endure. Though individual students graduate, the spirit of GustieLeaks crosses generations. There will always be someone to bring GustieLeaks back if there is need. Students will continue to speak out, to contribute to the conversation and stand up for the school that they love.