InnEdCO 2015 Conference Feedback
Attendees, Thank you for your input. The Innovative Education Colorado (InnEdCO) Board of Directors will use your feedback to improve the overall quality of the InnEdCO conference in 2017. We deeply appreciate the efforts of the InnEdCO community as we all pursue the goal of "Inspiring Digital Age Teaching & Learning".
Overall Conference Feedback
How well did the InnEdCO 2015 Annual Conference match your expectations? *
How likely are you to implement what you learned & discussed at InnEdCO 2015? *
Were you able to make choices to ensure the learning at InnEdCO 2015 was personally relevant to you and your needs? *
What about the conference experience was most valuable to you? *
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What other feedback do you have for us about the InnEdCO 2015 conference? *
Please consider the presentations, the special events, the sponsors, and the accommodations in your feedback.
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App Feedback
We would like to know more about how you were using the InnEdCO 2015 app (or not using it).
How likely are you to recommend this app to someone else? *
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Was there anything from your experience in using the app that significantly influenced the answer above? *
Please list what you really liked or did not like about the InnEdCO 2015 app.
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Interest in Future Conferences
We would love to know more about your plans for ISTE 2016 and InnEdCO 2017.
How likely are you to attend the ISTE conference in 2016 (Denver - June 26-29)? *
InnEdCO is the Colorado-based ISTE Affiliate. Learn more here:
How likely are you to attend an InnEdCO organized pre-conference at ISTE 2016? *
This is the pre-conference we ran with ISTE in 2010: (Note: InnEdCO was called TIE at the time)
How likely are you to attend the InnEdCO 2017 Conference in Keystone? *
How likely are you to bring colleagues with you to the 2017 InnEdCO Conference? *
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