Nordic - Baltic Development Days - Application for Participation
Dear friend. Thank you for being here and having interest in making and practicing a richer life for the young people in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Please fill out this form in order to apply for participation at the youth exchange "Nordic - Baltic Development Days", that will take place in Kværnstua (IOGT), Sandefjord, Norway, from 01st to 07th of November 2015. The project has space for maximum 5 participants from Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Finland, and maximum 4 participants from Estonia and Latvia.

The deadline for applying to the exchange is the 01st of October and the participation fee is 300 SEK, which includes your travels (maximum of 840 eur for the group of 5 participants from Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland, and a maximum of 680 eur for the group of 4 participants from Estonia and Latvia), accommodation, food, materials, and all the fun, lectures and friendships.

The exchange will be full of new friendships, lots of new experiences and learning. This is a very fresh opportunity to meet people from this geographical regions - Nordic and Baltic Europe and to look into the differences and similarities we have. We will focus mostly on experience exchange, personal growth and prevention skills, that you can use in your national organizations later on. You can read more about the project idea here:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at
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