Innovation Nest ACCELERATE Spring 2014 batch
Twice a year (Autumn and Spring) we head out to search for the most promising teams, with the best potential to build a global business. The goal of ACCELERATE is to speed up the process of customer development and getting out of the building to test the product in market conditions. We invest $25 000 for 8% equity. To find out more visit
What is the name of your startup? *
Tell us about the problem you are trying to solve *
Building a startup starts with finding a problem worth solving. The problem you are trying to solve is connected to the Customer and the Solution to the Problem. In your description focus on those three things Customer-Problem-Solution.
Who is on your team? *
Startups often pivot and the team has to cope with many different challanges along the way. Please tell us about your team. Things we would like to find out: how many cofounders are there, what are their roles, whats is their background. Please include links to your LinkedIn profiles.
How big is the market? *
A startup is a temporary organisation focused on finding a repeatable and scalable business model. Startups are created to really make a dent in the universe. You have to convince us that the market you are going for is big enough. We are not interested in niche, local markets. In your description you should try and show some estimates how many customers are in this market, and how much this market is potentially worth.
Are you familiar with any of these phrases? *
At ACCELERATE we work with a couple of tools. It is recommended that you know at least some of them.
Do you already have a product? *
We prefer teams who at least have a working prototype.
Link to your products website
If there is something you can show us, please provide a link. It could be a demo, or some mockups.
Have you already registered a company? *
Have you raised any funding? *
Are there any other investors in the company at this moment?
How would you rate your English? *
Will your team be able to take part in all of the workshops? *
We will host three workshops between October and November in Kraków - six days in total.
We will contact you between the 1st and 7th of February. Please be ready to meet us in Kraków between these dates, for an interview.
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