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Great you are applying for the Business Model Challenge!

So as you can see, we're asking a lot of questions. Don't worry though, we have tried to work with multiple choice in most cases, which will save you time. You should reserve about 20 minutes to answer all the questions. Please note that some questions are (optional).

As a final note, we will treat your application confidentially and none of it will be shared outside of the program team.

Make sure this form is filled in before March 15th 2017. We'll come back to you to let you know if you are a suitable candidate for The Business Model Challenge.


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When did you start your company? (date)
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When did you register your company at the chamber of commerce? (date or ''I haven’t registered yet'')
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In which stage do you consider your venture to be?
Why are you in this stage?
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Do you already have a business plan? If so, would you like to share it with us? (Y/N, email to:
Please describe the core team of your venture
Team responsibilities - Please describe responsibilities of the management team of your venture at this moment. Use the following format: Name, Role (founder, management, shareholder), main tasks and responsibilities, commitment in hours per week, amount of money invested in the company (actual money, not in-kind contributions). Example: Alex Green, Founder, Marketing and sales, 20 hours, 0 euros
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Team experience - Please describe experience of the management team of your venture at this moment. Use the following format: Name, number of years of experience running a business, number of businesses run in total, number of businesses started in total, number of years of experience in management positions (round off to half a year). Example: Alex Green, 5 years, ran 1 business, started 1 business, 1.5 years.
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How long has the core team worked together as a team so far? (Number of years and months. Round your answer to the nearest month.)
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Not including the management team, how many additional employees do you have? (number of FTE)
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Please describe (1) why your team is equipped to take this venture to the next level (for example, prior experiences, individual skills, such as software development, design, finance etc.) and (2) what your team is currently lacking or how it can still be improved.
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Product or service offering
General product / service information
Please describe your product / service (What are you planning to sell, what is different / interesting / new about your business, who are your competitors, how are you different from these competitors, etc.)
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What is your target market?
Which of the following impact fields does your product contribute to?
What is the geographical focus of your venture?
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Performance indicators
Financial and impact ambitions
What is the most recent milestone of the business?
Think of new employees, first sale, investment and/or funding etc.
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How much revenue has your venture generated in its lifetime? (In Euros)
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How much revenue do you expect to generate the coming year? (in Euros)
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Number of paying customers? (in numbers)
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In case your users are not your paying customers, how many users do you have? (in numbers)
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Please describe the impact you hope to create and the scale you hope to reach.
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How are you currently, or how do you plan to measure your impact?
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Learning goals
Learning goals for the BMC program
Who from the team will participate in the BMC program?
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What would you like to learn from the business model challenge?
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Please confirm the following:
To be eligible for the program, you need to confirm all items. If one or more of them raise issues, please contact our team at [insert email address].
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