What IF…You’d like to Volunteer?

We’d love it! Saturday, September 14th will be our Tenth Annual festival! We welcome volunteer participation at the What IF Festival of Innovation and Imagination. Volunteers are substantial contributors to the success of What IF...?! We are inspired to make volunteering for this event a fun and personally rewarding experience for you. Volunteers should be at least 16 (if not volunteering with an adult).

What is the What IF...?! Festival of Innovation and Imagination?
The festival is a region-wide event that showcases the creativity of the Pikes Peak Region. Festival goers experience interactive presentations, hands-on demonstrations, exhibitions, and performances occurring throughout the Festival area. Presenters are invited to propose an "Experience" -- an exhibit, a performance, an experiment, an activity, a unique collaboration, or any other form of experiential interface -- to celebrate creativity and innovation.

Volunteer Time Commitments
Scheduling will be in 3-hour blocks of time and we request that you volunteer for at least one 3-hour block.
Volunteers will be given a festival t-shirt to wear and a parking pass.
Volunteer Assignment Areas
• Set Up Staff – support with keeping the area fun and safe prior to and during load-in.
- Weightlifters to held load in and load out equipment
• Check-In Attendants - Assist “Experience Vendors” with check in, welcome packages and directing them to their location..
• Festival Information Booth - Answer questions from the public regarding the attractions and their locations.
* Food Festivities - Helping maintain a beautiful, healthy food environment
• Experience Booth Assistants - Help as needed with breaks and whatever they may need in the way of assistance to help showcase their project.
• General Runners - Task related assignments directed by the Coordination Team
* Bike Valet Staffing - check in and check out festival-attendee bicycles
• Clean Up Staff – assisting with break down and support with keeping the area fun and safe during load-out.
• Tweet Fleet – Update social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, etc.) throughout the day.

Want to be a Volunteer?
If so, please complete the questionnaire. Please specify the top three areas for which you feel you would best be suited as well as the time commitment you are willing to put aside for volunteering at the Festival. We will do our best to accommodate your volunteer position and time slot requests and thank you for your flexibility during this process of identifying who will be working where!

If you have any additional questions, please email: WhatIF@imaginationcelebration.org
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Cell Phone Number
Are You...
Have you volunteered for the Festival in one of the previous years?
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Are you 16 or older?
Anyone under the age of 16 must have an adult present to volunteer with them.
What special skills do you have that you would like to contribute?
Please check up to 3 that apply to you
What position / area are you interested in working?
These are the roles that are still needed ...
What shift(s) are you interested in working?
These are the times that we need help. Festival Event runs from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Your T-shirt Size (in Men's sizes)
Emergency Contact Person Name and Phone Number
Are you part of a group (school, business, team, etc)? If so, what is name of group.
Anything else we should know?
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