APO-AA Good and Welfare FB Submissions

What is this for?
Good and Welfares to recognize brothers of our chapter outside of chapter meetings. You can view posts at https://www.facebook.com/APOAlphaAlphaCompliments

How does this work?
Submit your Good and Welfare to recognize brothers in our chapter through this form. They will then be post to the FB page if it is appropriate. This process is different from the old process of messaging the FB Page as it allows it to be anonymous to prompt more G&Ws!

What Good and Welfares are valid?
Any! It doesn't have to be APO-related. Good and Welfare brothers for doing nice small favors, for buying you an Einstein Bagel, for getting interviews or jobs, for being a good friend, for executing an awesome APO event, for anything! We want to recognize as many people in our chapter as possible not just at our chapter meetings to continue to feel that brotherhood feel throughout our daily lives. Make people's days! These posts go a long way!

How long will it take for my Good and Welfare to be posted on the FB Page?
Roughly within 24 hours if approved.

Why wasn't my Good and Welfare posted? It's been over 24 hours!
The person submitting has either been super busy and haven't gotten around to see it (sorry), or they have deemed that your Good and Welfare was inappropriate to post on the FB page. Please keep things LFS!

Do I have to post anonymously?
Nope! Feel free to post directly to the page or sign your G&W

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