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Disability Support Services at the Iliff School of Theology contributes to a positive learning environment for students and ensures equal access to education so that students with disabilities can freely and actively participate in their graduate education. We offer a wide range of services for those who have disabilities and/or need accommodations in order to achieve academic goals. The Iliff School of Theology is committed to providing equal access to educational programs for all qualified students with learning, physical, medical, or psychological disabilities. Once admitted to Iliff, students needing accommodations should first contact their advisor to begin the process of registration of disability services.

In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, Iliff coordinates appropriate and reasonable accommodations and access for students with physical, cognitive or other disabilities. The School is committed to the provision of reasonable accommodations to qualified students with disabilities during their studies at Iliff.

Students must request accommodations and disclose his/her disability before any accommodation can be implemented. Students with disabilities who need accommodations are encouraged to identify themselves and submit a request via their academic advisor. In most cases, students will need to provide appropriate documentation of disability and/or information related to the student’s disability or functional limitations that substantiates requests for services. The Iliff School of Theology holds these requests and information private, and are not included in your academic records.

The Disability Services Team attempts to review requests and set up a meeting with the student within two weeks of receipt. Please review the Master Student Handbook for information regarding disability services at Iliff. https://iliff.bloomfire.com/posts/2817308-disability-accommodations

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Expectations for Documentation
Iliff’s policy on Disability Accommodations is stated in the Masters Student Handbook. In addition to the request for accommodations form, in most cases, students will need to provide appropriate documentation of disability and/or information related to the student‘s disability or functional limitations that substantiates requests for services.

Documentation must be current and must be from an appropriate professional, such as a physician, psychologist, LD/ADHD specialist, or other qualified professional. Appropriateness of documentation will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Documentation should, at a minimum, include the presenting problem and relevant history, information on current limitations and how these relate to the educational environment, and suggested educational accommodations with rationale for recommendations. If the submitted documentation is incomplete or does not support the student’s request for accommodations and/or services, the student may be asked to provide additional documentation. For example, an Individualized Education Plan, 504 Plan, or Summary of Performance from a previous academic institution without supporting information generally is not considered to be sufficient documentation. The cost of obtaining all documentation is borne by the student.

Documentation can be delivered by the student or can be sent directly to:

Advising Center
Iliff School of Theology
2323 E. Iliff Ave.
Denver, CO 80210-4798

At the discretion of the School, provisional accommodations may be made prior to the receipt of appropriate documentation.

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Sometimes knowing more about a student's background with help the Iliff Disability Team understand how best to accommodate a student. If you feel that will help guide us, please indicate any additional information that you would like to provide.
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Release of Information
I hereby give the Iliff School of Theology Disability Services permission to obtain and/or release information pertaining to my physical, mental or educational status. I understand that this is necessary in order to arrange accommodations such as auxiliary aids, services, and/or other assistance as per my request. I further give permission to Iliff Disability Services to release appropriate information about my disability to professors or other institutional personnel, for the purposes of education programming only. I understand that I may void this release at any time through written notice to Disability Services at Iliff.
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