Union Board Executive Board Application

Do you have an interest in being on Union Board's Executive Board? If so, read all of the information below and decide if Union Board is right for you!

Union Board's Mission Statement reads, "We, the members of Union Board, value respect, teamwork, dedication and diversity. We believe that these values form a foundation to grow and develop into an accountable, beneficial and enjoyable organization. With these goals, we strive to create a more cohesive IIT community and to develop a stronger sense of school spirit. We will achieve these ends through unique programming that provides personal and memorable experiences for all that participate. We’ll make our peers aware of the programs, which will be inclusive, impact-full, and entertaining."

The following positions are open; VP of iMPACT, VP of Scarlet Fever, VP of Marketing, VP of Bog Events, and VP of Operations.

Below are the expectations of the executive board:
General Expectations
Attend all executive board meetings
Attend all general body meetings
Attend, promote, and participate in Union Board programs
Run a weekly committee meeting (N/A to Operations and Marketing)
Communicate weekly with executive board members and committee members
Develop leadership skills for members of Union Board as well as yourself
Hold yourself to a high ethical standing
Observe good judgement and be an example to others
Be aware of your limits
Be open and inviting to all programmers, possible programmers, and organizations
Maintain an acceptable academic standing
Have fun!

VP of Scarlet Fever
Oversee a committee that promotes school spirit
Promote on campus sporting events
Maintain Talon the Hawk
Increase school spirit by promoting attendance at events and bringing Talon the Hawk
Oversees the Scarlet Fever budget
Keep in constant communication with IIT Athletics, Campus Life, and Institutional Advancement

Lead a committee to organize and promote on and off campus events
Encourage new event ideas from programmers/students
Assist and develop programmers in the event planning process
Ensure DOFs are filled out on time and properly
Assist programmers with developing event budgets and keep them on track financially
Create an online document of meeting notes as well as an event schedule of IMPACT Events
Oversees the iMPACT budget
To work with the UB Adviser on paperwork and event details along with the VP of Operations on financial matters
Typical Events: Spring Formal, MTCC Late Niite, Sports, Fine Arts, Outdoor Recreation,Films, Campus Entertainment, and Homecoming (dance, week, carnival)
Motivate your programmers to succeed
Allow programmers to learn and grow from their experiences and mistakes (it is not the responsibility of VP to save an event)

VP of Marketing
Lead publicity chairs to promote Union Board and its events via media listed below
Ensure that UB has a face in campus media (TechNews, IIT Today, Facebook, Twitter, UB website, etc.)
Work with other programmers on how to develop effective, yet creative marketing campaigns
Build strong relations with the programming committees to ensure effective publicity
Oversee the webmaster
Oversees publicity for general or bigger events (Homecoming, Spring Formal, MTCC Late Niite)

VP of Bog Events
Lead a committee to program events specifically in the BOG
Encourage new programs/ideas from programmers
Maintain traditional events normally held in the BOG such as IIT Idol and IIT’s Got Talent
Assist and develop programmers in the event planning process, as well as working with other student organizations.
Encourage student organizations to program and co-sponsor events in the BOG
Oversee the BOG Events Fund
Meet with the Union Board adviser and the CCC Bog Coordinator once a week
Allow programmers to learn and grow from their experiences and mistakes
Motivate programmers to succeed
VP of Operations

Oversees the Union Board 1-Account
Acts as a financial liaison between Union Board and the Office of Campus Life
Acts as a liaison between Finance Board and Union Board
Lead the budget proposal process by ensuring the VP of iMPACT, Scarlet Fever, and Marketing have proper paperwork
Acts as a liaison between the executive board and programmers
Organize social events and retreats for Union Board members and executive board members
Secretary and recorder for meeting minutes
Oversee the Union Board e-mail account
Attend Finance Board Workshops
Attend Finance Board hearings when called upon.

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