ESW Application for Executive Positions

Thank you for your interest in joining our team! Here you can learn more about positions before applying by scrolling down the page. If you have further questions regarding any of our positions or common practices, feel free to email us at

Remember, applications close April 12th, so consider applying today!

You may also find out more about the current exec board by visiting:


    The President shall be responsible for presiding at all executive board meetings. They will authorize all drafts on the treasury for bills allowed by ESW-IIT. Our current president is Joanna Klimczak.
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    Vice President

    The Vice President shall assume the responsibilities of the president in the event of the absence or disability of the president. They will be responsible for coordinating activities of the Event Coordinator, Educational Coordinator and their committees. Our current Vice President is Kenneth Ruffato.
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    The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes and keep all records of the executive board meetings. They are responsible for all ESW-IIT correspondence. They will be responsible for overseeing the Public Relations, the Webmaster and their committees. Our current secretary is Nicholas Taluzek.
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    The Treasurer shall be responsible for requesting funds through the SAF. They will also be responsible maintaining the organizations budget. Our current Treasurer is Dustin Shahidehpour.
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    Public Relations

    The Public Relations shall be responsible for all advertising and notification of events sponsored by ESW-IIT. Our current PR chair is Christina Noonan.
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    Events Coordinator

    The Events Coordinator shall be responsible for planning and coordinating social programs and activities for ESW-IIT. Our current Events Coordinator is Sunny Patel.
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    Director of Projects

    The Director of Projects shall be responsible for ensuring the success of our projects by keeping tabs on their progress.Our current Director of Projects is Amanda Rapacz.
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    The Webmaster shall be responsible for maintaining the organizations website, and working with the PR, Event, and Educational Chairmen to make sure that all events are on the website. Our current Webmaster is Jeff Johnson.
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