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We are iilab ( We help the Influence Mapping Community to create a resource, called the "Influence Mapping Toolbox", which will help beginners (and more experienced people too hopefully) get started, learn and achieve their influence mapping goals.

We’d like to hear about you and your project. It will help us to better design the Influence Mapping Toolbox for keen influence mappers. We’d be grateful if you’d also share this email among your team so that we can hear a variety of perspectives from your project. If you write a few sentences per answer, this should take about 10 minutes! You can answer the questions with one or a few sentences.

The deadline for the answers is Thursday 20th August. If you cannot make it but are willing to participate, please email us at and we will contact you!

All the answers will only be used by the iilab team. We will not share it with any third-parties. No personal data (except your answers and information you are willing to share) will be collected for our study.

Thanks for your help!

Kat (research lead), Lilas (research associate) and Jun (CEO)
About you
Before starting the questionnaire, we need to know more about you and your location
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Your project(s)
What is the name of your project? *
It could be a nickname. Just to know what it is about.
Project URL
Even if it's just the alpha phase, we will be curious to know which stage you are at
What is the main motivation for your work? *
At what stage of your project are you? *
Specifically what are you trying to get out of mapping influence? *
eg: Are you trying to discover something, tell a story, create a visualisation of the network space?
Is this project....? *
Is there an existing influence mapping project or tool that inspired you to start your own? *
Have you worked on an influence mapping project before? *
If so what was the project name?
If so what was your role in the project?
If so what did you find most challenging about the project?
Your team
If you are working on your own and are not part of a team, you do not need to reply to the following questions.
What skills do they bring to the project and what are their roles?
Where are the members of your team based?
Clear selection
How can an Influence Mapping Toolbox help?
Please give us three examples of projects, people or resources that you’re planning to consult / have already consulted to help you learn about how to conduct an influence mapping project. And tell us why they interest you. *
What is the most challenging aspect of influence mapping for you? *
What are the main skills you feel you’re missing? *
Have you identified tools you want to use for your project? If so, what are they?
What is the most pressing question that you need an answer to in order to move forward? *
Getting in touch
Do you want to stay in touch with us and be part of the process and give us your feedback during the design phase? *
Do you want to us to let you know when the toolbox is released? *
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