Exome Sequence Analysis 2015

This programme is open to students and young researchers who would be interested in learning about the concept of Next Generation Sequence (NGS) analysis and specifically exome sequence analysis.

This programme is open to all, and is free of cost to you. The entire programme would be administered online through interactive media. You could also be part of the programme by inviting your friends. Learning with friends is indeed a great experience.

You can participate in this programme if you have at least an hour to spend everyday and have access to a Linux system with necessary configuration to perform the analysis steps.

For clarifications, please contact:
Vinod Scaria MBBS, PhD
G N Ramachandran Knowledge Centre for Genome Informatics,
CSIR Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (CSIR-IGIB),
South Campus, Mathura Road,
New Delhi 110020.

Email: vinods@igib.in
Web: http://vinodscaria.rnabiology.org/