News Professional Insurance Survey
Many news professionals take serious risks to bring into the spotlight the important issues that impact us all and hold accountable those in power who make decisions on our behalf. Some news professionals go to work on a daily basis without the safety net of an insurance policy. By completing this short survey you will be helping us improve and deliver the insurance service the community of news professionals around the world deserves and badly needs. works in partnership with the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and specialises solely in insuring news professionals, following them wherever their next assignment may take them, without restrictions.
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8. How often do you travel away from your home base each year? *
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10. Where do you usually travel to? (multiple choices permitted) *
11. Does your employer provide insurance while you are away on an assignment? If the answer is yes, do you know what it covers? *
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12. Do you pay for your own insurance? *
13. What does it cover you for? (multiple choices permitted) *
14. Based on $100,000 cover how much do you pay per week? *
15. Have you had difficulty getting insurance for when you are on assignment (working freelance?) If the answer is yes, explain why. *
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16. Have you ever traveled without insurance? *
17. Have you ever been physically injured or sick whilst on assignment? *
18. If so, was this an accident or aggression from a third party? (multiple choices permitted)
19. Have you ever been evacuated due to health issues or injuries? *
20. Have you ever been detained against your will? *
21. Have you been involved in a special risks incident like kidnap or abduction?
22. Have you ever received a safety training? *
23. How would you describe your work environment and conditions in general? *
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