[Paid Research Study] Looking for individuals with Type 2 Diabetes experiences in the Greater Detroit Area

International design firm IDEO [www.ideo.com] is looking to meet with people in the Greater Detroit Area to talk about their experience with Type 2 Diabetes. We will be conducting a 2 hour group interview over dinner at a Detroit restaurant the evening of November 12th at 6:30pm. Selected participants will be compensated $200 for their time. We’d like to speak with people who’ve had several experiences with diabetes, such as someone who is/has been: - Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes - Diagnosed with an A1C of 7 or higher - On basal insulin only (Lantus or Levemir) - Not currently on any short acting or GLP-1 (e.g. Byetta, Victoza, Apidra, Novolog, Humalog, Velosolin) If you fit one of the profiles above and would like to share your opinions, please complete this survey. We may follow up with you by phone.
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