[Paid Research Study] Are you a woman living in the Greater Boston Area who is a committed walker?

International design firm IDEO [www.ideo.com] is looking to speak with women in the Greater Boston Area who are committed walkers. We'd like to meet with people in either a one on one interview, or a group dinner, November 12th, 13th or 19th. Selected participants will be compensated $150 for their time. We would like to speak with you if you: • Wear toning shoes (Examples include Reebok EasyTone, Sketchers, MBT etc...) • Are a power walker • Walk routinely with a group or a friend • Are a Nordic walker • Walk to and from work every day • You are originally from (or have lived in) another country and participated in walking there and in the US • Are a generally committed fitness walker If you fit one or more of the above profiles please complete the survey below. If you fit what our team is looking for, we will contact you directly. Thank you!
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