IDEO seeks inspiration around narcolepsy

International design firm IDEO ( is looking for individuals who have experiences with narcolepsy to inform and inspire our team for a new project. We’re planing to schedule several 2 hour conversations (in the home if the conversation is local to the Bay Area or remotely if not) between Jan 13-Feb 7. Participants will be compensated $200 for their time.

While any narcolepsy patient age 18 or older in the area is a candidate for this study, the IDEO team is especially hoping to meet
- A patient who has a small child
- A patient who does not want to take Xyrem or who is critical of Xyrem
- A patient who has recently started Xyrem
- A patient who has stopped taking Xyrem, preferably in the last year
- A patient who is/was their doctor’s first narcolepsy patient
- A patient who is very active in a narcolepsy community or organization

If you're interested in participating, please fill out the survey below. We'll get in touch with those who may be a good fit.

Because we may call you to ask about details about your condition and any treatment or management, you have to review the following HIPAA Authorization which gives us permission to access your health information for research purposes.

If you give us permission, you will be taken to our screener. If you do not provide this Authorization, you cannot be considered for participation in this project.

If you are not selected for this project, at the conclusion of our research, we will delete the information that you shared. If you are selected, we will maintain your privacy as outlined in the Authorization.