Study Group Co-Team Leaders interest list
Please use this form to express your interest in co-leading an ICAPGen Study Group.

This position is a 3 to 6-month commitment, and can be repeated if desired.
You will participate in two one-hour meetings per month via Google Hangouts for a period of 3 months or more.
Discussion topic material will be provided, but you should allow time to review the material in advance.
You will report to the ICAPGen Study Group Coordinator. When leading a group for the first time, you will either be paired with a more experienced co-leader or have a visiting member of the study group committee in your meetings.
The Study Group Coordinator will match two co-leaders with study group participants based on the participants' schedule preferences and other collected data.

Qualifications: Must be an Accredited Genealogist professional or have at least passed Level 1.

More information:
Please note: Study group organization and availability is subject to change.

Please send any additional questions to

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The information is used within the ICAPGen Study Group committee to determine your readiness for co-leading ICAPGen Study Groups and to better tailor your study group experience.
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Note: This will be used to match you with group participants who are seeking a similar specialty, if possible. All current testing regions and specialties are listed (Rev. 4 June 2016). See for more information.
Availability and accommodations
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Note: New groups start in January and July. You will begin with a three-month group and transition to a six-week group (subject to change). You should choose a time of year that will best fit your schedule.
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