2017 FGS Hsi Lai Temple Short-Term Monastic Retreat Online Registration Form 佛光山西來寺年短期出家修道會線上報名
1. Objectives: To teach Buddhist traditional practice and discipline in the Sangha community and to provide an expedient means for lay Buddhists to experience the monastic way of life.

2. Date:
A. Adults : July 18-22, 2017 Tuesday–Saturday
B. Youths: July 19-23, 2017 Wednesday–Sunday

3. Place: Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple

4. Requirements:
A. Participants should have an appreciation of Buddhism and a willingness to learn.
B. Must be in good physical and mental conditions
C. Age: 18~60 for adults (male and female),
10~14 for youths (male only)
D. Spaces available: 150 for adults and 40 for youths

5. Fees:
A. Teaching Materials: adults US$120 / youths US$120, to be paid on registration day.
B. Accomm.: US $200 for food, lodging, and cultivation garments will be provided by the temple.
C. Adults: please bring your own white socks and arhat shoes.
Youths: please bring your own white socks (for five days) and white running shoes.

6. To apply:
Register online at Hsi Lai Temple’s website (http://www.hsilai.org).
Registration forms can also be obtained from Hsi Lai Temple or your local FGS branch temple.

A. Adults: Please submit an application form, a pledge letter, an autobiography of 300 words, a photocopy of your valid ID, valid medical insurance card, and one 2” photos.
B. Youths: Please submit an application form, a pledge letter, an autobiography of 200 words, guardian agreement form, a photocopy of a valid medical insurance card, and one 2” photos.

7. Interview:
Adults (English speakers): June 24, 2017
Adults (Chinese speakers )/Youths: June 24, 2017/ June 25, 2017
(For applicants from outside Los Angeles, please contact your local branch temple.)

8. Others:
A. Application deadline: June 20, 2017
B. Please attention all mails to “Short-term Monastic Retreat”

9. Address: 3456 Glenmark Drive, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
Tel: (626) 961-9697 Fax: (626) 369-1944
Web: http://www.hsilai.org Email: info@ibps.org

一、 宗旨:實踐傳統佛教儀制,方便在家佛弟子體驗僧團生活,修身進德。

二、 日期 : 成人組 : 2017/7/18(二)~7/22(六)
青少年組 : 2017/7/19(三)~7/23(日)

三、 地點:佛光山西來寺。

四、 課程:行門與解門課程並重。

五、 報名資格:
1. 具有正信正見,對僧團生活誠意學習,身心健全者。
2. 成人組  :150人(18~60歲之男女信眾);
3. 青少年組 : 40人(10~14歲之男眾青少年)。

六、 費用:
1. 教育費:成年$120;青少年$120,報到時繳交。
2. 食宿費:$200(由本會提供)。
3. 衣單:向本寺借用(敬請成人自備白襪、羅漢鞋;青少年自備白襪、白色運動鞋)。

七、 報名:
1. 方式:西來寺網頁http://www.hsilai.org報名或至西來寺及佛光山美洲各道場索取報名表。
2. 所需文件:
成人組 :報名表、誓願書、300字自傳及各項證件。
3. 報名表及相關各項資料與證件,請電郵或郵寄至本會,面試審核通過後將寄發報到通知單。

1. 成人組(英文):2017/6/24 (六)
2. 成人組(中文)及青少年組:2017/6/24(六)、 2017/6/25(日)
3. 外 州:請至當地佛光山別分院面試

1. 即日起至6月20日截止。
2. 郵寄信封請註明「短期出家修道會籌備處收」。

十、 聯絡處:3456 Glenmark Dr., Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
電話: (626) 961-9697 傳真: (626) 369-1944
網頁: http://www.hsilai.org 電郵: info@ibps.org    

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